Why should we be optimistic, even though all things around are so bad and upsetting?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2022

There is no argument for the fact that it is extremely vital to be positive all the time. But most people never tell you about the value of being negative sometimes.

I met a guy who was the most positive person, anyone can ever meet. His positiveness and assurance were like no other person. I remember the time when his wife experienced a miscarriage. He said happily to her, “That is not bad news at all, as because it means that you are completely alright and can still be pregnant again.” I felt that he was not capable enough of feeling negative. Nothing can make him upset- not even misfortune like death.

Then one day, an event triggered something within him. All of a sudden, all those years of emotions that he abolished surface all at once. It resulted in him having to take a few months off from work as he fell into depression.

Being flexible is part and parcel of being optimistic, but that doesn’t mean that they both are similar things. And even though trying hard to be optimistic is excellent, there are moments when it can have an unfavorable effect.
There are multiple benefits of being an optimistic person, as it will help to identify opportunities and hope within the moments of challenge. However, having no optimism clearly means that you will not be able to see a way out of hurdles and problems.

At the very end, remember that not each and everything is within our control. Sometimes, all we have to do is accept what is going on and move forward in the best way possible- even if it’s an option, you don’t like. It is absolutely normal not to feel optimistic all the time. If you are sad or need to cry- embrace it. Tears can sometimes be your body’s own way of hugging you and making you feel better.

And still, if you want to go for professional assistance, go for it- as it’s a great way to beat your negative thoughts. Dr.Purushothaman an eminent mental healer and mentor at the Centre For Human Perfection Kollam, offers advice and support that can assist you in leading a positive, successful, and happy life.

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