Why don't some people smile

Dr. Purushothaman
June 28, 2020

Just one simple smile shows a positive emotional state and is a key sign of happiness, warmth, kindness, and gratitude. The goodness of a smile brings a positive vibe and as per researchers, its significances include the betterment of heart health, increase in longevity, better bodily functions and a stronger immune system. These advantages are definitely worth creating goals to put a beautiful smile on your face. Above all, a person looks the most attractive and alluring with a big smile on him. There can be no arguments on that!

Why should we smile?

Despite its numerous benefits, we forget to smile. You cannot consciously keep a control over your facial expressions all the time. Fake smiles too cannot be of much benefit. But you sure can keep a positive heart and maintain happiness in your soul to improve the quality of your life. There are enough evidences to prove that smiling, truly enhances a person’s mood and life. Did you ever realize that smiling it is an answer to so many of your problems? It is still not too late to realize.

A natural smile blooms from an inner feeling of contentment and happiness. If we’re feeling sad and deprived, we may not feel like to offering a generous smile to people we come across. We’re more likely to pass a smile when we’re feeling inner serenity. Being at peace with ourselves and being happy at heart is possible only when we’re living a positive life and enjoying each moment life has for us, rather than staying preoccupied with what we don’t have in hand.

Smiling signifies a happy soul. If you are happy from the inside, there is nothing that can destroy your peace. Try to keep a positive energy and live in the moment. Appreciate the small little things life has for you, instead of making yourself upset over what you could not get.

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