Benefits of Regular Tea in Diabetic Patients

Dr. Purushothaman
May 26, 2019

Tea is loved by a majority of the people around the world and it is considered a good healthy drink for a healthy life. Studies conducted for years have shown that tea is a beverage that is good for health and it is healthy to consume tea on a daily basis. Recently, it has been found that the polyphenois that is seen in tea helps in decreasing the chances of having diabetes, as it helps in boosting up the activities of insulin. But we need to look at the fact whether tea is able to prevent diabetes in people having diabetes.

The condition of diabetes arises when the body’s system does not take in glucose in the right manner. Problems in the pancreas can be the reason for the body not to produce the right amount of insulin. This type of diabetes is the Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is one which interferes with the insulin production, and it can also cause obesity. It is henceforth very essential to find out why insulin in the body is not working properly.

Why is consumption of Tea good recommended for people with diabetes?

  • Tea is a rich source of polyphenols:

    Polyphenols is a type of organic chemical that helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity in the body’s system. Hence, taking in tea will help in optimizing the insulin activity that is taking place inside the body. Eating healthy and drinking healthy can actually make us healthy.

  • Tea is a good natural antioxidant:

    daily consumption of tea in a regular manner is a good way to make sure that the body’s system has the right amount of antioxidants. People who have diabetes will find it really hard to control the blood pressure. If not controlled at the earliest, it can lead to heart diseases. With the antioxidants in tea, you will be able to reduce the oxidative stress and also helps in decreasing the cholesterol level in the blood. Hence consumption of tea will help in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases on the whole.

  • Optimizing of metabolism with the help of tea:

    What we mean by healthy metabolism is the right absorption of nutrients in the system of the body, which even includes the metabolism of sugar. When sugar reaches the body’s system, it is turned into glucose and then later, into energy. Glucose in the blood, which is not well absorbed into the system will later on result in the rise of blood sugar level. This is the main reason why having tea regularly will help in the metabolism of the body in a quicker way.

  • Sugar level control with tea:

    Tea can help in the body’s metabolism. In short, it helps the sugar to be absorbed the right way. Tea is able to decrease the sugar level in blood, particularly black tea. It will help in stopping the digestive enzymes, thus leveling the blood sugar level.

  • Obesity and Green tea:

    The major problem that results in insulin insensitivity are obese or an increase in the weight of the body. When people are not able to live a healthy life and when they are not able to get the right amount of exercise for the body, the weight increases. But while consuming green tea, you will be able to decrease obesity as it has bioactive chemical substance that will assist in burning off the calories. When the weight of your body is checked, it will be very easy to deal with insulin insensitivity to a very large extent.

  • Reducing the chances of gestational diabetes in pregnant women:

    One of the major issues that pregnant women face today is Gestational diabetes. When tea is regularly consumed, you can reduce the chances of getting gestational diabetes. But is very important for pregnant women to consult their doctor before adding tea to their daily diet.

Though tea is not the right cure for diabetes, diabetes patients can reduce the chances of the harsh effects of the disease with the consumption of tea in a regular basis. We can find a lot of varieties of tea on the market such as black tea, green tea and Oolong tea. The result that each tea gives us is different. Whatever tea you choose for your daily consumption, make sure that you consume it without sugar if you are a diabetes patient. Live healthy and stay healthy when you follow healthy activities in life.

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