Why don't I have any motivation in life?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 12, 2020

You will lose count if you begin with the number of times you started with something but left it unfinished. One moment you are determined to do that particular task in the best way and then leave it behind midway. Lack of motivation keeps you from completing so many things in life! I’m not just talking about major life-altering changes, it can be any small thing, from calling a friend to go on a walk.

Why do you lack Motivated?

  • Because You Remain Pessimistic

If you only look at the bad side of things happening in life, you will not be able to gather the energy to motivate yourself to do new things as you would fear to feel unsatisfied with that too. People with a negative point of view in life generally leave unfinished things as they feel they would not get any success or benefit from that too. Keep yourself positive and do the best that you can!

  • You Do Not Pay Attention To The Benefits

Hard work never goes waste! Completing a task is not always easy, but it is you who have to remain determined to do it! Do not hold yourself and devote all your energy, motivation and effort to a task and you sure will get the advantage. Above all, you will feel happy, satisfied and proud of yourself for doing so!

  • Start With Small Goals

In the beginning, prepare your mind and stay determined to not leave any work in the middle. You can pick easy tasks from the normal routine to start with. Once you get the habit of completing your work, your mind would not let you leave any task unfinished!

  • Never Play The Blame Game

People who are mostly unmotivated would put blame on other people, the situation or just say that the task was too difficult. The habit of making excuses gives them an easy reason to leave work in the middle. Take blooms for your action and you will realize the number of times you had wasted an opportunity!

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