The Soft Skills Required In Lead Generation

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

Lead Generation is a challenging work,that is the truth.If you do not have the ability to arrange an assemble with your prospects,you might as well assign it to those who can handle it.That is why outsourcing has become a very well known work,on the other hand you need to be careful of this job.People whom you choose must possess the characteristics required on the job.It really affects your capability in gaining sales leads.Nevertheless,what type of soft skills are you looking for?

1. Communication - this is not just talking. Communication skills cover all aspects of a typical lead generation work. It also involves active listening, presentation, and even writing. All of these play a crucial role in communication with prospects. Commonly used are email and telemarketing.

2. Computer-savvy - this involves the use of the computer and everything else. It means being able to navigate virtual database, surf the net for pertinent information, or perhaps hardware usage that may be necessary for the work.

3. Interpersonal skills - this relates to being able to work with others. Most appointment setting campaigns require working with teams. This also includes the relationship of the sale personnel with the prospects they are speaking with.

4. Adaptability - if there is one thing that never changes, it is change itself. Being able to adapt to different situations, produce results despite challenges, as well as adjusting to suit the needs of others, etc. play a crucial role in the campaign.

5. Research orientated - sure, search engines like Google or Yahoo can make information gathering easier, but it takes a specific skill to sift through the details in order to gain insight about certain prospects. You need people who can do exactly that.

6. Task management - if they can manage a small task well, they can certainly handle larger tasks. In terms of being able to generate B2B leads, being able to juggle the entire tasks can mean a big deal for the survival of the firm.

7. Problem-solving - when talking to prospects, your goal should be to offer them a solution to their needs. You will need people who understand the problems faced by business prospects, as well as the analytical ability to craft the right solution.

8.Improvement-focused - there is no single winning B2B lead generation strategy. If you want to be better in the business, to beat your competition, you will need people who are focused on getting better in their work.

9.Work ethics - people with a strong desire to be their best during work is a good sign. You will need sales people who can go straight to their work with minimal supervision, so you can focus more on the important things.

10.Emotional stability - let us face it, appointment setting work can be really stressful. Only people with tough 'skins' will be able to handle it emotionally. The last thing you need for you campaign is to hear someone breaking down.

So that is how it is. This checklist can help you identify the people who can help make your lead generation campaign a success.

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