I Stopped Smoking But I'm Still Addicted?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Many people make desperate attempts to end there addiction to nicotine and start a path of an addiction free life.
But there is a huge problem most people encounter when they embark on this smoke free journey.
They'll stop smoking for a week or two, and sometimes even months, but they are still addicted.
Still addicted? How can you be smoke free for a few weeks or months, but still addicted?
This happens when we've physically given up a cigarette, but our minds are still captive and addicted to the thought of having a cigarette.
From my personal experience I have been through this journey of attempting to quit time after time again. And every single time I went for one week, two weeks, and sometimes two or three months, my mind, every thought, every trip to the store, every ride in the car, and every stressful situation was just a reminder of how addicted I still was to the thought of 'needing' a cigarette.
This is the case for most people because they rely on prescription drugs and nicotine replacements, but never get to the root of the problem.
The root of the problem lies in your subconscious mind. Every action first has a thought impulse. Every time we physically do something it's because it was stimulated from a 'thought', and if you're mind and thoughts are still addicted to nicotine, even if your body has a replacement, then you will become a prison to your own mind.
Fortunately there is a fantastic thing that people all over the world are using to quit smoking.
That method is hypnosis to quit smoking.
hypnosis to quit smoking gets to the root of the problem and deals with the subconscious mind, engineering it to become addiction free.
Don't let all your hard work go in vein, you can free yourself from smoking addiction faster than you think, details in description.

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