How To Be More Attentive In Our Life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 7, 2021

One needs proper attention to our self. Think about a day spent by doing one task or the other, getting distracted, multitasking, keeping ourselves buy checking our phones, making official calls, or randomly checking various social media.

You and I are victims of such habits, which actually have a certain amount of bad effects in our lives. Not giving proper care to ourselves can turn out to be really negative. Such habits can bring out some effects on our lives like:

  • We are never dedicated to providing the full potential to our work, even though we tend to push ourselves to so many tasks with all our will.
  • The mind faces anxiety, confusion, and stress due to the excess strain and switching from one task to another within no time. We never tend to gain personal peace or satisfaction of any kind.
  • When we are not giving good attention to those standing before us, we are not allowing proper connection of trust or of intimacy.
  • All of us like to watch videos and listen to songs with the attention that is partial. This makes us lose our real talent for writing with creativity. This also leads us to lose the ability to experience things.
  • Working out with a headset on, with loud music, we are not giving the right attention towards our body. Here we need to experience how our body moves, and how we are getting the best results out of it in a natural way.
  • Our minds are fully engrossed in our phones and are occupied with workload and worries; we are not appreciating the moment. We are not able to live our lives in the proper manner.

This is the way we tend to experience everything in life, with our attention divided and we never love our present and we also never experience the person next to us without properly loving them.

In doing so, we are not giving respect and miss out on the little delights of life with ourselves or with others. We can simply think about what we are giving more attention to, us, or to other kinds of distractions that do not give proper joy to the self. When we are not giving good attention to others near or around you, it can literally hurt others in a very deep way. Just think about doing the right opposite that is giving full and proper attention to us and to others.

While giving meticulous attention to anything or anyone, it is like giving everything that you have with you. It includes your love, devotion, and focus. Giving full attention to any particular task make us do that particular task with dedication and perfection which is not gained when we constantly check our phone or attend calls in between. Giving full attention to a person in front of you will develop a good relationship with the person. It can be a personal relationship or an official one. This will help in growing better relationships and also helps us in doing our tasks without any flaws as it is a sign that shows that we respect what we do and respect others.

Meticulous awareness and alertness in each and every action in our life are of paramount importance for successful and purposeful living. So let us make it a habit to be more attentive and alert even silly things in life. If we continue this attitude and approach we will always lead a happy, harmonious and stress-free life. We will experience life in total wellbeing.


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