Healthy Living Tips - 78


Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2014

Always try to make some modifications your Life Style

Try to remove white flour and white sugar from your food

When consumption something, chew every mouthful totally for better Digestion

When consuming, eat what your body tells you it desires

Eat only when you are really hungry

When consuming, stop once you’ve had barely enough

Have a meat-free day twice a week

Try to learn your body for any special Signs & Symptoms every day

For men, defrayment time alone will increase their ability to subsume stress

Laugh, as much, as loudly and as typically as you'll be able to

Cry when you really want, it releases stress

Always prefer for natural remedies before pharmaceutical ones

Eat sprouts, ample time!

Choose to educate yourself concerning your unbelievable body

Always hold physical barriers like hats and long-sleeve shirts for sun protection instead of chemical barriers like cream

Choose movement that stimulates the body and therefore the mind

Immerse your body in water as typically as you'll – the ocean… a rock pool… the bath…

Try to get adequate sleep everyday

Sleep on the proper aspect of your body – it takes the pressure off your heart

Seek out a health professional who listens and gives you proper advice

Include fresh Vegetables & Fruit juices in your diet

Healthy Living Tips

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