Health Benefits of Using Exercise Ball as A Chair

Dr. Purushothaman
June 8, 2017

Fitness Ball is a stability ball, that is an equipment used for exercising. It is mainly used for strength training, improving our body’s balance as well as stability. When we replace our office chair for the stability ball, it helps in improving our health, gives us great posture and also strength. It is a fact that we should first of all consult a doctor before doing so. Such a trend is getting popular these days. This popular exercise ball is also known by the name Swiss ball, Yoga ball or exercise ball. It is an inflated one which is made out of soft PVC material.
The market today has to its credit, stability balls of various colors as well as sizes. If you want to have better results, you need to choose the one that is perfect with your height. Choosing a ball for your height is easy if you follow the given chart:

Height Diameter of the ball
4 feet 11 inches 55 cm
5 feet 4 inches 55 cm
5 feet 5 inches 65 cm
5 feet 11 inches 65 cm
6 feet 75 cm

Including the stability ball in your daily life will help you provide the following benefits:

1. Improves posture

Sitting on a gym ball chair will help you sit in a proper manner, making your core muscles engage in a very active manner, and the result would be a better posture. Sitting more time on these ball chairs will create slouching as in a traditional office chair. But as time passes, mostly a few weeks time, the muscles will be accustomed to it and proper posture is gained as we sit on it all through the day.

2. Makes you to move and change positions frequently

The exercise ball has a bouncy nature, and this helps our body to move more frequently. As the ball is a bit unstable, the user feels like standing up more often and adjusting the sitting position now and then. This will help our body from stiffening and also helps to give a proper posture. Another interesting factor that you will enjoy is that it will help in promoting activity while sitting on the ball chair.

3. Reduce lower back pain

While sitting in a proper posture, with a change of position and regular movement involved, the user will be experiencing reduced lower back pain as time passes. If you are finding it very painful sitting on the ball chair, and if you are experiencing back pain, then it could be due to the increased stress that focuses on the lumbar spine. At this point of time, you need to shift back to your old chair. You also need to adjust the chair so that the elbows are in exact line with the keyboard that you are using. A rest for your arms also help in giving proper support for it.

4. Strengthening of the core

While using a ball chair, balancing on it makes your core muscles engaged for a longer time. It has to be noted that while using a balance ball, you will be able to improve the core stability. There are also a lot of other advantages that include prevention of injury, decrease in back pain and more. For leading a healthy life, you should henceforth include exercise balls in your daily life.

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