Are you fascinated about something?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 19, 2021

Fascination is the art of being strongly attracted to the things around you, being interested in the new things. It is a state of absolute engrossment and enchantment, a feeling of complete bliss, which makes one forget about the reality for a temporary time. But now, people are not easily fascinated. They are mostly not fascinated at all. The question is, why?

In today’s world, life for people has become very hectic. There are a lot of responsibilities and duties in every person’s life. Long working hours, mental and emotional stress and lack of relaxation cause a huge amount of psychological burden on the mind. People are not able to enjoy the things around them. They are incapable of finding solace and calm in the little things that matter.

Having a calm and peaceful state of mind is very healthy for one’s psychological health. A mental disturbance can seriously affect one’s well being. It can hinder with one’s lifestyle, the way one perceives his surroundings, his work, his personal life, health, etc. In today’s stressful world, people don’t have the time to enjoy or pay attention to the little things around them.

Everyone is occupied mentally with all sorts of thoughts. It is like people don’t have the time to relax, and take a look at all the wonderful things around them. And this can be a sign of stress, emotional tensions, and depression. If not handled in the early stages, this can develop chronic depression and hypertension too.

Taking time out for one’s self is very important. Pursuing hobbies and activities which one always wanted to do is refreshing and gives a lot of emotional satisfaction and relief. Meditative reading, writing, traveling, taking long walks, yoga, etc. Can work wonders as stress relievers. Interacting with our loved ones, and the people we can confide in giving the kind of satisfaction that can heal all kinds of anguish and solve all kinds of psychological stress.

Anger and worries can rob us of our ability to be happy with our lives. If you ever feel the need to talk or share, we are there for you. You can contact Living in Wellbeing. We are just a call away.

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