Workplace Stress Management Is Uncomplicated

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Workplace stress can be caused due to many factors, such as unjustifiable workload, long working hours, friction with colleagues or disagreements with senior chiefs. Such stress results in a number of issues including, insomnia, nervousness, extreme hate, family conflicts and physical diseases, for example migraines, heart diseases and back Problems. This stress can also lead to social withdrawal, alcoholism and substance abuse.

However, workplace stress can be managed if you work on its causes. One of the major causes of workplace stress is bad time management. You should create a balanced schedule by analyzing the daily tasks. Maintain a balance between work and family life and get involved in social activities. Do not schedule tasks back-to-back or try to fit too much work into a single day. Arrive for work at least 10 to 15 minutes early so hat there is no hassle. Also, plan regular breaks to sit back and relax your mind.

Improper task scheduling is another reason that stress inducing conditions occur. Avoid scheduling tasks for the last day. Prioritize your work based on the degree of importance and strategize in such a manner that you can simply break a large task into several smaller ones. If you have somebody reporting to you, involve that person in the task.

In the nerve wracking work conditions, having a positive angle to work and your life goes a good way in handling work stress. If an individual is in a position to dump the negative thoughts, he will simply concentrate on his work and other aspects of the life. Another critical thing is to change your behaviour and control your feelings relying on the environment.

One special advise that would help you remain free from all of the stress related issues is to desist from being involved in backbiting and office politics to whatever extent possible. The incontrovertible fact that you are hearing such things about others makes you believe that such info about your own self could be circulating around. It leads to stress. If you aren't aware of gossip, you need not be fearful of it either.

Try and avoid certain office snacks such as caffeine, soft drinks, and chocolate and sugar snacks. Other things that people usually turn to when under stress including smoking; drinking, getting addicted to TV, oversleeping, using pills and under or overeating too should be stopped immediately as they may be more destructive rather than a constructive means of managing stress.

Community service and self development activities can go a long way at combating work related stress. They bring confidence which you would otherwise be hard put to find. You must think about taking up a new hobby or something similar to that.

One should upgrade to new skills if necessary and acquire new educational qualifications and explore new opportunities if the career demands. Workplace will always be loaded with lots of tasks but it is for you to manage those tasks intelligently.

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