Why we are Panic?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 28, 2021

Panic Attacks are sudden experiences of extreme fear or acute discomfort. It shows symptoms like breathlessness, sweating, trembling, heart palpations, anxiety and stress about going insane and dying. As opposed to common misconception, these attacks are not sudden rushes or waves of anxiety. Instead, it is described by the patients as the most frightening event they have ever experienced.

Researches hint that the causes of panic attacks, if known, can be helpful to steer away from the possibility of the stack in the first place. When stress builds up to a certain level, even a minor addition to it might trigger extreme panic.

In some cases, people might have a genetic predisposition to panic. This issue might run in a family. In case of twins, if one of the two has a panic disorder, chances are the other one has the same problem too. Although these findings don’t rule out other factors, they do point towards a genetic cause.

Panic disorders pose serious threats to the life of the patient. They may be consistently concerned with the possibility of more attacks. This might cause a person to avoid certain events where there is the possibility of an attack. Panic disorders linked with avoidance of social events result in panic disorder with agoraphobia. In extreme cases, the patient might even become housebound too.

Panic attacks result when our basic “flight or fight” response to threats are triggered for no concrete reason. This can lead to a sudden rise in heartbeat, elevated breathing, hike in blood pressure etc.  When a person is faced with a situation of threat, our mind associates with the reactions, both psychological and biological, the cues present at the time. These links or associations become learned alarms, and these can be responsible for evoking further panic attacks.

It is your own responsibility to calm your mind in any cases. A calm mind can ease out the troubles and help the body function to the maximum. In case you need any assistance, Living in Wellbeing would be happy to be of some help. Get in touch with us for online sessions and further assistance. Live a happy life!

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