Why don't I feel sympathy?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 25, 2020

Whenever your best friend shares his/her feelings about a recent breakup, you cry. When you meet a stranger who tells you about being sad, you feel sad and touched. You are apparently compassionate when it is related to all those who are outside of your inner circle.

But when you try to be close with your dear ones, things change all of a sudden. You find yourself judgmental and cut off. Your ability to understand and share feelings suddenly disappears. So, to clear all your confusion, we have mentioned three core reasons why you are not sympathetic.

  • Anger is the first and most important reason. This emotion blocks of your capability to feel warmth for those you are close to. Instead of showing affection, you feel absolutely nothing when your loved one is panicking, worried or crying. Instead of being sympathetic, you become cold, which is not correct.
  • The next reason for being not sympathetic is to avoid identifying yourself in others. Let’s take an example; your little daughter wasn’t invited to a birthday party; you might try to talk her out of being upset. That particular moment reminds you of your childhood. You remember all too well how it felt to be left out. And therefore, you can’t dare to be sympathetic, as you are afraid that she will misunderstand your feelings and treat your compassion as acceptance.
  • The fear of intimacy is the last reason for being emotionally distant. It is effortless to fall away and distant from your dear ones than to feel intimate. But keeping yourself involved and showering love is what is actually needed to feel sympathetic with your inner circle.

If you feel sympathetic for everyone in the world except your loved ones, there is simply a disconnection. You are just protecting yourself from hurt and loss. You are compassionate, but you are only blocked.
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