Why do I mentally trap myself in places when I worry?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 11, 2020

There is a part of the human mind that works unconsciously and processes and comprehends information automatically without our deliberate awareness. This part of the human mind is automatic in its functioning and is involved in almost everything we do. Psychologists claim that thinking works on both the conscious and the unconscious level.

Many visualize the unconscious mind as a sophisticated area for processing of information, and that many of our daily behaviors involve these types of the automatic processes that are beyond the range of ordinary awareness. The automatic mind enables us to recognize in an instant a familiar face, driving a car without thinking of the basics of clutch and mirrors, or play an instrument without thinking about the position of our hands. This happens due to prior experience of these activities, and the fact that the mind has already reacted automatically to them. Same happens with negativity. A person who has seen pain, betrayal and bad experiences unconsciously develop an
automatic response to the situations around him.

Our mind gets trapped in skeptical and dull thinking, and a negative pattern develops. A person suffering from such an issue can slip into anxiety, chronic depression, insomnia, etc. The symptoms of such a pattern can be over-generalization, jumping to conclusions, looking at situations like all or nothing, judging situations or people without proper reason or knowledge, over-thinking, etc.

This can cause very serious long term effects. It affects how a person thinks, how he perceives the world, reacts in specific situations, and most importantly, what kind of a life does he lead. A person trapped in the negativity of his mind would be unable to find joy even in happy situations, as everything that goes on around him will be seen by from the perspective he already has formed, and this would rob him of his peace and calm and psychological satisfaction. Hence, this issue must be addressed seriously.

Having a constructive dialogue with yourself, taking up a hobby, appreciating the smaller things in life, confiding in a trusted friend, are some of the many measures which you can take to successfully deal with this issue. And if you ever want to talk your heart, feel free to contact Living in Wellbeing. We will always be there for you and happy to help you.

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