What Can Help You Find True Success With The Law Of Attraction?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Maybe you have dabbled with the Law of Attraction a little bit with mixed success. Maybe you are thinking that you'd like to get the kind of results that people often brag about and really change your life for the better. What can you do to make the Law of Attraction work for you and begin to see your life transform into what you desire?

While there are many people out there that claim to have all sorts of tricks and tips on making the Law of Attraction work for you quickly and easily, the truth is that in order to find true success with manifesting you need to dedicate yourself to bringing your mind into submission. To really find success and begin manifesting the things that you truly desire you need to have patience as you learn what this law is all about, how it works and how you can become more proficient at manifesting.

Think of it this way. Using the Law of Attraction is almost like driving a car. You can't expect yourself to jump behind the wheel and drive off at 100 miles per hour and expect not to hit a few things. As a matter of fact, most new drivers can be expected to have a few minor accidents when they are learning to drive. Likewise, you very well may get frustrated with your first attempts at manifesting until you are able to really learn how things work and know what to expect.

For instance, there are many people that think that if you just focus on a goal for long enough and hard enough that you will receive that which you are focusing on. They believe that if they force their will upon a situation or problem that the Law of Attraction will come along and make it so. While this might be one aspect of using the Law of Attraction in a way, there are several principals and nuances of manifesting that may very well thwart your efforts of achieving a certain goal and things that you can do to improve the speed and efficiency of your work in using the Law of Attraction.

Faith plays a big role in your success and failure in using the Law of Attraction. After all, if you do not truly believe that you are able to manifest a certain thing into your life, whether that be money or a relationship or a job or even a new car, chances are you won't be able to see that goal manifest itself in your life. If you constantly doubt and tell yourself that something is too big or too much or just impossible, the Law of Attraction will obey and make it so. Your goal will be too big or too much or impossible.

On the other hand, if you can either blindly believe that nothing is out of your reach or if you have the ability to coax yourself into believing that what you desire can be yours then you hold a much better chance of manifesting that goal. Your ability to believe that you are able or worthy of that which you desire plays a key role in your ability and the speed with which you are able to change your life and manifest the desires of your heart.


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