What are Some Good Habits for People with a Troubled Mind to Develop?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2019

Everyone is trying to get a more beautiful life, beautiful doesn't mean physical beauty or financial circumstances. Beauty means all about our healthy living. For a healthy living standard no need to go around and no need to spend your money for it. You just need to look back what your ancestors had done. They were unknown about the science and other things, but they always tried to attach themselves with the nature. The nature always tried to hug them to her heart and they know her heart beats. They can even detect the slight changes in its rhythm. This is all because of the good habits they had maintained.

Here are some of the good habits that we can develop

  • Physical Exercises- Exercises can do magic to your life. This is not only for your physical health this can successfully improve your mental health.
  • Try to spend some time with your thoughts, so that you can explore new ideas with it.
  • Try to find relationship in each and everything, thus you can improve your creativity level.
  • Always try to maintain a good social network. You should always try to expand that network. This is because every individual will face their problems in a very different ways, by interacting with these kind of people you will feel that you are the most experienced person. This feeling alone can drive you more through the rough surfaces.
  • Spirituality is another important thing we should follow in our day to day life. Spirituality can always make you attached to the God. It doesn't mean religion. Whatever religion you may follow try to spend some time with your God.
  • Energy balancing is another important thing which we need to consider. We should be aware about the calories which we take and going out.
  • Try to maintain simplicity in your life. This can be done by developing wanting less character.

And finally, let us understand that a troubled mind or a confused mind or a mind with a lot of conflicts and contradictions is always a source of problem for the concerned individual, to his family, to the society and for that matter for everybody. A better understanding of the what, why and how of eradicating bad habits and acquiring good habits is highly mandatory for a successful life.

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