The Ultimate Mind Body Makeover - The New Relaxation Way of Losing Weight and Stress

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Are you one of the 90 million Americans who are currently on a diet? Do you lose weight only to gain back every ounce and more? Have you tried every diet,every gadget and pill, and yet still struggle to create a consistent set of eating, exercise and mental/emotional habits that you can sustain in your busy life?
According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA), nearly one third of Americans are under Extreme Stress, driving them to overeat, drink, smoke, lose sleep, and generate anxiety and irritability. "We see stress as being an increasing problem," Dr. Russ Newman, the Executive Director for Professional Practice at the APA, told a press briefing.
If you are one of the many people who are reporting significant stress in balancing the complexities of work/life, perhaps due to increased worry about finances, not sleeping well, and difficulty sustaining healthy habits, you might be wondering if there is any type of solution that can help break the cycle and finally master your health and weight. Well, I'm here to tell you that there certainly is a solution. Creating a healthy body you love long-term is a possibility.
It begins with a three-part body/mind strategy developed at Successwaves, and it's a Life Shift Strategy that anyone can quickly adopt. Simply stated, it's a strategy that allows you to create a long term, consistent healthy body image utilizing the power of the body/mind. Using this strategy you accelerate your learning and maintain new habits. The program is so powerful that in only 15-20 minutes a day, you can re-learn and re-educate the way you "pattern" your eating and exercise habits. Equally important, you learn how to talk to yourself.
Following, I'm going to give you a simplified version of the approach (which, if adopted, will reduce your stress, maximize your efforts and finally show you how to lose the weight you want to lose and stay free from emotional eating.) You'll literally fall in love with your body and movement and never feel the obligation of "exercise." And by combining the three steps you double the programs effectiveness.
You might be wondering what qualifies me to write about this subject. Not only have I educated myself about these techniques, but I've also used them for the past 35 years and I've maintained my exercise program and healthy weight for all that time. Plus, I've had a private coaching practice with over 9,000 hours of one-on-one sessions where I have developed the simplest strategy for getting past the stress of overdoing, which leaves people feeling burned out and frustrated.
Before I share the three steps with you, ask yourself this one question: Would I be willing to follow through on these three simple practices for a total of one hour a day? Remember, following through means becoming free of stress, free of the excess weight, free of any jeopardy to your health and perhaps free of potentially losing your job. If you said yes, then let's go.

I. Buy A Relaxation Guided Imagery Tape for Weight Release and Use it.
- Researchers such as Dr. Candace Pert, formerly the head of the National Institute of Mental Health and the author of Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah's Doctor, recommends our Weight Loss CD "Quantum Weight Release." They know that a relaxation guided imagery tape will help in losing weight.
- Experts (such as the ones above) speak about the 80% of our minds, our subconscious minds, being responsible for our "stubborn" habits and patterns. These experts, along with Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard and the Author of "The Relaxation Response" advocate using a product or process that allows you to retrain this part of your mind. The reason? So that you can utilize that much more of your body/minds ability to learn, heal, and let go of negative conditioning.
II. Keep a Food and Emotion Diary For a Week or Longer.
There are two parts to this simple strategy. Most of my clients who initially participate in this simple act do it with a huge feeling of fear, and massive judgment. Their eyes glaze over and they don't want to go forward. Why? Because having to face the " terrible" self that is out of control with regard to eating is hard. I was once there and I know that nobody likes to take the first step into awareness.
- As you get ready to conduct this exercise, at the top of the page write a note to yourself: "Even though I have this weight issue - and I don't really want to see what I eat - I deeply love and approve of myself." Most of my clients feel a deep letting go of self- hatred when they write out that statement.
- Decide that you will honor yourself by embracing your patterns; choose to practice, because this will take practice. Enjoy learning how to create your ideal healthy body by taking action. Buy a journal and start.
III. Find a Buddy and Commit to Walking or Exercising Four-five Times a Week for 30 Minutes.
As a Master Coach for more than 15 years, I have witnessed and partnered with people who have broken through to a whole new way of life once committing to this exercise, so I know its possible for you.
- Research on obesity and chronic dieters show that most people who have weight issues feel terribly isolated, which leads to overeating. Getting support by partnering with a friend will help you commit in rain or shine and will inspire you to enjoy the routine.
- Learning about the new habit of moving your body is exhilarating and allowing yourself to be supported is empowering. It takes approximately 21 days for a new habit to be learned, so commit to this routine - and watch the feeling of absolute joy grow as you accomplish this small step.
Jump ahead three months in your minds-eye and imagine that you have mastered these three steps, which have led to more awareness in selecting the right food, using the good weather to enjoy the out of doors and creating the space and commitment to a new healthy body. Can you imagine how good it will feel when your body is humming with well being? I see you being there right now, free of chronic weight or health issues. And if you get stuck, call a friend, or better still, visit or call us at 1. 203.831.8344 or toll free at 1.866.731.8344, and let us support you with one of our CDS or LifeShift Coaching.
Instead of letting the "programming" of your past keep you stuck - make it a habit to use the CD. Take action today and work with your inner mind directly. Whether you purchase one of our CDs- from or find another - make the commitment to yourself and work with your inner mind for 15-20 minutes a day. The results will astound you, and will help you experience simple and extraordinary breakthroughs.

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