Some Health Benefits of Gaming

Dr. Purushothaman
August 10, 2018

Though our knowledge of health and nutrition has come a long way in the last few decades, we are in truth merely scratching the surface, and there is much we still do not understand. This fact is illustrated by the fact that one thing that we previously thought was unhealthy can in fact be good for your health in a number of ways. This thing? Playing video games.

Firstly, gaming can be good for your cognitive health in a number of ways. Studies in which participants have been asked to play games followed by checking their brain using MRI scans have shown that video games can actually strengthen certain areas of your brain, increasing grey matter in these areas: in particular areas associated with skills such as spatial awareness and planning. There are also a host of other cognitive skills that gaming can help develop and hone, such as:

It is a well known fact that various types of games definitely stimulates our brain centers and activates the memory areas of the brain, enabling us to Improve our memory in a big way. If any body is practicing games their memory and recollecting faculty will become better. Various studies show that memory and games are interrelated. It is a best medicine for memory improvement.

Focus and concentration span
When we are doing various games with total awareness and one pointedness, it enhances our focusing and also improves our concentration. With continued focusing while doing games our mental faculty is stimulated more and more and our concentration and focusing become more acute and accurate

Motor skills
We all know that whatever may be the type of game we play our various muscles and sensory organs are stimulated and our motor functions are improved very much. With repeated and regular gaming activity our muscle power and motor skills are well maintained and our physical wellbeing is very much enhanced.

In a related way, gaming can also help to improve the symptoms of disorders of the brain, such as anxiety, depression and attention disorders such as ADHD. For example, games can provide an outlet for stress and anxiety, what psychologists call catharsis. As well as this, they can help build social connections (kind of obvious, but stereotypes suggest gaming is a solitary act), and they can increase well-being. In terms of treating attention disorders, playing simple, addictive games such as Tetris (you know it, right?) can help to develop attention span and concentration in children.

As we can see, games can provide a veritable medicine cabinet of benefits for your brain, body and wellbeing. What’s more, we haven't mentioned some of the most impressive plus points of gaming, such as the benefits to your physiological health, and the often wide-ranging clinical applications of gaming.
The article contributed by Marcus Clarke

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