Skin Care - Maintain Youthful Skin

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

There are a variety of ways to help you maintain a more youthful appearance. In the area of skin ageing, there is some useful information available on the internet, however, there is also a vast amount of unproven and possibly unsafe treatments and product claims advertised. Many 'natural' remedies can still cause harm. Consider consulting your doctor or dermatologist before taking any new medication or buying an expensive product for skin rejuvenation (reversal skin ageing). Ageing brings with it the realization that their skin will no longer have that youthful appearance. Sun and cigarettes in adolescence and early adulthood are also the culprits behind age spots, broken blood vessels and irregular pigmentation by the time you're in your 30s. Some things you can do to slow down the ageing skin. Use sunscreen every day Keep away from highly polluted areas and don’t smoke. Smoking changes the elasticity of the skin fibres leading to rough and wrinkled skin. Drink plenty of water. Your skin loses water during hot days and needs plenty of water to keep hydrated. Water is found in raw fruits and vegetables. Minimize drinking alcohol. Alcohol can lead to spider veins and broken capillaries. It also causes your skin to become dehydrated.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Take an antioxidant supplement, which should include up to 2000 mg of vitamin C. Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) help remove dead cells for smoother skin, stimulate collagen production to erase wrinkles, and even out skin tone. Sodas, sugar drinks, tea, (except herbal teas) coffee or milk are not water. Rotate between buying and drinking Reverse Osmosis and Distilled water. Eating a healthy diet can also aid in the quest for youthful skin. Many foods have essential nutrients and vitamins in them that actually help your skin maintain a reasonable level of moisture as well as making the skin stronger and more attractive in appearance. Sun damage is cumulative—and that means every day's rays do a little more harm.

Healthy and supple skin is not so much of a dream if you take proper precautions and pay attention to your diet and exercise. Daily skin and facial care are much more effective in making us look beautiful than any cosmetics in the world. Cleansing is quite essential to avoid acne and other skin problems.

The damaging effects of the sun

The biggest key to retaining youthful skin is to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. The price for sun-worshipping isn’t paid until years later when wrinkled skin and liver spots become visible.

Loss of smoothness on the skin’s surface is only one consequence of sun damage. Sunlight affects all the skin’s layers. Overexposure to it also produces wrinkling and sagging. Its damage is cumulative, permanent, and progressive. As much as 80 per cent of the visible signs of ageing are due to sun exposure.

If you must venture out into the sun (in any season), then avoid the most sun-intense part of the day, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m; and please don’t forget your sunscreen and a broad-rimmed hat.

Many factors take a toll on your skin’s health and appearance. Whether caused by exposure to the sun, environmental pollutants, genetics, normal ageing, or stress, skin damage can be effectively treated


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