Shifting Conciousness: The Planet and Humanity, Undergoing a Transformational Change

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 11, 2013

Many who have found this article have or are feeling a change or shift in your consciousness. More and more are starting to realize the need to transform themselves from an individual path, to being one with all other consciousness. Those of us who are undergoing a transformational change, and have been educating, practicing and realizing their true potential are now coming out of the woodwork and are willing to teach others. That is a fundamental reason of us being here. To learn and teach, and then as we become more adept to teach and learn. By doing this whilst shifting our consciousness to be more open, more confident, take more responsibility and of course be considerably more loving and caring to each other and the planet. We are parts of one infinite consciousness, and we need to understand that the return to oneness is our path, which is simply returning to our natural state of being......infinite consciousness, with infinite possibilities to look forward to.
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We are all equal parts of one whole or one source, where everything we see, touch, smell and even think are also parts of the one source that originally came from consciousness and was manifested to create and experience.

So, if we were originally one conciousness, why have we decided to create?

First of all, imagine life without anything, without everything; no matter, time, space or thought. We had to create to awaken! We had to create to learn! We have decided to be here at this time to learn our way back! It is true that we all have our own individual goals, but we al1 have one eventual goal, to return to infinite conciousness / universal spirit / the source, God or even Sharon (names are just meaningless labels without thought, belief and intent behind them) whichever term you prefer.

To get an idea of what conciousness is too you now, then switch it off........terminate your ability to can't can you! Even death can only show a physical termination. The best most get to, is to think of nothing (which is a good start as being able to empty yourself of all thought is essential to being at one with yourself, and from their all else can be built). Therefore as we cannot turn it off, we must be aware of how it can be manipulated, by all other conciousness around us who are having their own experiences. If our conciousness is infinite, it must be able to be manipulated in an infinite number of ways, the planets conciousness must also be able to be manipulated in an infinite number of ways. Good, bad, selfish or unselfish, we must all choose what potential manipulations we accept into our lives and what we give out (right through from close friends to which adverts we read). How we are influenced and how we choose to influence others! These are the areas of life we should all be concerned with, particularly when the planet needs so much TLC at the moment. If we choose the unselfish path, the caring path, together we can dicscover infinite possibilities. The selfish, individual path will lead to short term cycles of material satisfaction, so many people mistake as filling that empty insecure hole left from seperation. This does not mean that the path to oneness, can't be fun and adventurous. It means we need to manifest and therefore create a fun, adventurous, loving world. Thats exactly my goal, to travel the world preferably, learning and teaching, teaching and learning and getting into adventures on the way. What world do you want through this transformation!
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Each and every one of us has an inherent knowledge of who we really are, what we really require, how we should really be living, and how we should be living on this planet at this time. We had chosen to forget, so we can go on a journey of learning. We have decided to do it on Earth because for most of us we have been stuck here in earth's soul pool, re-incarnating here until we recognise we need to raise ourselves, or conciousness, our vibrational level to move on in our future re-incarnations. We live in a society which is dominated by those of a lower vibrational field, devoid of operating beyond the self. The aim of the low vibrational field is to keep us here re-incarnating within a slavery framework to serve their own selfish desire, and not realise the need to serve each others selfless desires. freedom.jpg I will give an example; most of us live good, but repetitive lives. We leave school, get married have a couple of children, we work for others for little return, we follow law, acts, social norms from others and adopt them. Many of us read a couple of newspapers, the same news channel every evening, eat at the same time. We spend our lives collecting pointless material items, never satisfied that we canot afford exactly what we want, always left wanting more. We do this because it is a trained response to the society they have been brought up in. It is an environmental response to our status as property of a system that continually demands working and spending, and that by obtaining more material wealth will somehow bring us out of slavery. Many of us however (and i am glad to say, more and more by the day) are starting to realize we are meant for much more. Many have an inherent need to keep moving along, learning from new experiences, moving to selfless occupations or traveling to learn etc. But because these sit outside societal and social norms they are the ones accused of being out of touch or not worth as much.....really! (only in a material world, which is looking shaky to say the least!). The one who wants to learn all the time, to experience, to share experiences, to develop beyond the confines of predetermined norms and frameworks are supposedly the ones out of touch; and those who repeat their lives in cycles, only learning from 'official news channels' or other industry led media, never changing themselves, never growing personally for the sake of others, are known as 'Good Citizens'. I know which one i would now prefer to be. As we are all parts of one unified conciousness, one unified energy, why would we want everyone to be the same. Why do we tell each other how to organise their futures, if we only stand still - in the past, present or future. After all ,if we are all one conciousness, then we are simply a reflection of each other, should'nt we all want each of us to be growing, learning and teaching, is that not evolution! Have objectives around personal growth and development within an all inclusive or unified manner that adds to the positive shift in humanity and the planet. This means we will experience the potential of being a part of one conciousness in a much richer manner than those trying to get through their lives as one. Essentially.......'We are the awareness of the one in this location at this moment, learning for ourselves within the one, and teaching for the benefit of other selves within the one'. Many thanks for reading


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