Reasons to Go to Addiction Treatment Centers

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


When it comes to addiction treatment centers, most people assume that drug use is the only addiction people seek help for. This, however, isn't true. Drug use is one of the main addictions that plague people these days, but there are other things as well. Here are a few things, including drug use, that cause people to seek help in a treatment center for addictions.

Drug Use
As mentioned before, drug use is one of the reasons people seek counseling for addictions. An addiction to drugs, whether it be cocaine, pain pills, ecstasy, or any other drug, can destroy your life. It becomes something that your body is dependent on. You will feel the withdrawals if you don't get the drug. You will spend your time, money, and energy using and abusing these drugs. This leads to a downward spiral that usually ends badly.

Pornography is something that is readily available for anyone who has Internet access. In the past, you had to find pornography through magazines or renting videos. It was hard to access these things without someone knowing about it. These days, anyone can see some type of pornography within seconds on their phone, tablet, computer, or other technology device. This makes it a lot more addicting. When you can get a fix any time you want, it can become easy to get dependent on it. This is an issue that is becoming more and more problematic. This is why many people are seeking addiction help for this problem.

Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can also be considered addictions. You are addicted to the unhealthy behaviors you participate in. Whether you are addicted to starving yourself or to binge eating and purging, these can become habits that are very difficult to break. It isn't only a physical problem, but an emotional addiction too. Your sense of body image becomes warped and you are unable to see yourself clearly. You become addicted to the thought that you need to lose weight or look better somehow. This can become a very unhealthy cycle. Many add exercise into their eating disorders in an unhealthy way. They don't do it to simply become healthy, they become addicted to it and find themselves working out for hours and hours a day when they haven't eaten enough to sustain them. Addiction treatment centers can help with this problem as well as many other addictions. If you think you are addicted to something, you may want to seek professional help.

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