An Overview About Bone Cancer

Dr. Purushothaman
March 14, 2018

Healthy lifestyle can help us to be safe from any kind of diseases. But chances of staying healthy cannot be guaranteed. Cancer is a deadly disease that has affected a lot of people around the world, even with those who have followed a healthy life. The article talks about bone cancer and its symptoms to make you aware of the disease in detail.

Bone cancer is primarily of two types-primary and secondary bone cancers. Of all cancer types, bone cancer is quite a common type and has affected many people so far. The reason why cancer leads to loss of life is that the disease is detected only after it reaches the final stages. If the disease can be caught at an initial stage, it may help in saving lives and bringing relief to the patients. The bone cancer types are further divided into 6 types based on age and factors. The general bone cancer symptoms remain same regardless of the type.

Initial symptoms of bone cancer

The common and direct bone cancer symptoms are mentioned in the following points:

  • Pain in the bones- This is the first and the most obvious symptom. Acute and long lasting pain in bones and joints is a strong indicator of bone cancer. If the pain lasts for more than a week or two, the chances of bone cancer are high.

  • Fatigue and low energy- If one feels tired all the time and feels that the capability to carry out daily activities is getting difficult, the chances of bone cancer multiply.

  • Weight loss- Cancer can lead to excessive and unexplained weight loss in a short span of time. The weight loss is caused by a weak body and loss of appetite.

  • Easy fractures- We may break a bone when in an accident. If the bones tend to break easily, it implies that the person is suffering from bone issues and the reason can be highly bone cancer. The fractures happen easily as the cancer cells weaken the bones.

  • Paralysis- In some cases, the cancer cells may affect the nerves and that may lead to partial or complete paralysis. Paralysis is dangerous and can lead to loss of life.

Symptoms of bone cancer, depending on the types

  1. Ewing’s sarcoma- This cancer type hits children who are from 4-6 year old. The symptoms are swelling that can be visible or just felt. Apart from swelling, there is a major pain in bones and it can also cause bumps on the patient.

  2. Osteosarcoma (10-25 years old) - This type affects people from the age of 10-25. The patients are young and the symptoms are again fatigue, pain in bones and tendency of fractures easily. Patients may even suffer from weight loss and frequent fever.

  3. Fibro sarcoma- This type is mostly found in people from the age bracket of 35-55 years old. The bones anyway tend to weaken with age and if one is affected by bone cancer, the bones get very weak, tend to pain, and break very easily. This type hits the tissue behind the knee and is slightly commonly found in women.

  4. Chondrosarcoma- This bone cancer type affects men who are about 40 years or older. The tumor can be dangerous and chemotherapy is an advised treatment mode. The common symptoms are deep pain in the place of the tumor, swelling and redness with a bump on the tumors. The slightest of physical activity can aggravate pain.

  5. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma- This type affects the 50-60 olds and symptoms are similar to other types. As the body and bone are weak, it can further induce deep pain and trouble.

  6. Chordoma – this type affect the people who are over 30 years of age. In this, the most common pain area is the lower back and spinal cord. The worst part is that the symptoms can arise months or years after the onset of the disease.

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