Major Health Benefits of Stretching Before and After Workouts

Stretching exercises

Dr. Purushothaman
July 20, 2017

Stretching is a mixture of very easy activities that are done before working out of before starting any kind of physical activities such as swimming or any other hard tasks. Usually we take stretching as a light activity. But the importance of stretching for our body should never be ignored. Stretching exercises make our body that is in a stiff position to a relaxed one. Stretching helps the muscles to blend in with the exercise you have chosen. This activity also helps the lungs to get accustomed to the hard workout that you are going to undergo. It introduces the body to the physical activity that you are going to start, instead of giving it a sudden shock.

Why to stretch out before a workout?

Gives Flexibility to the body- When you stretch the body before a workout, you help the muscles from being stiff more often. The workout becomes easy, as the muscles become flexible as soon as stretching activity is done. Hence stretching flexibility exercises are mandatory before workouts.

Decreases the strain on muscles- Muscle strain is common when one workouts directly. This is because the body is not ready for the pressure it is receiving during workouts. Stretching reduces the chances of muscle strain.

Gives more range of motion- movement can be restricted when there is tension and stiffness in the muscles. When you stretch, you will be able to get a wider range of motion. Warming up gives muscles more range of motion.

Decrease the risk of injuries- When you are not stretching activities before a workout, there are more chances of injuries. Without any exercise, the muscles become inactive. This will result in stiffness. When you stretch, the muscles are relaxed and the tension is released. As a result, you will be able to do exercises in a flexible manner without causing any injury to the muscles.
Stretching also lengthens tight muscles, helps in the flow of blood, makes the mind calm and reduces soreness of muscles.

Stretching soon after the workout

Relaxes and cools down the muscles- Stretching right before workout helps in warming up the muscles, complete skeletal system and tendons. But stretching after a workout will help in relaxing the body and cooling it, helping the muscles from being over-flexible.

Decreases post workout pain- Workout pain happens to those who have been idle for a long time or who have not done workout for some days. Stretching activities after a workout will help in decreasing the pain after a workout.

Helps in decreasing muscle stiffness- Muscles can become stiff after a hard workout, which is very much pressurizing to the muscles. Stiffness can be reduced when you are stretching after workouts.

Helps in slowing the heart rate- the heart rate increases when you are in a workout session, as the body will be moving continuously. The heart on the other hand will be busy pumping blood and passing it on to all the parts of the body. After a workout, when you are stretching, you will be helping to slow down the heart rate.

Stretching after a workout also helps in giving energy to the body, balances the mind, helps in increasing the coordination of the muscles, tones the muscles and reduces cramps. In short, flexibility training is very essential for your body before and after workouts and more often on a daily basis.

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