Is Recovering From Addiction Possible?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Is Recovering From Addiction Possible?
Many believe that, due to the extreme difficulty of addiction treatment and keeping recovering addicts off drugs, the future of addicts in drug rehabilitation centers seems bleak, to say the least. This belief stems from the many cases of addicts going in and out of rehabilitation centers just to come back with the same problem. Relapses are common among recovering addicts, and this is seemingly the biggest hindrance to the success of drug rehabilitation programs. With more than 6 million Americans unemployed due to the economic crash in 2008, addiction treatment is facing tougher challenges in the months, maybe years, to come.
Fortunately, there are dedicated people around the world who believe otherwise, and see addiction as the destructive disease that it is. No matter how severe or hopeless addiction can be, there is always the chance of recovery. For those who are saying that there is no hope for addiction, addiction being a learned behavior, bad habits can be "unlearned" by replacing them with good ones. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps recovering addicts see the error in their ways and helps them get rid of bad behavior by learning productive and self-enhancing habits or patterns of behavior. Seasons Recovery Center offers psychotherapy and counseling for addiction's co-occurring disorders together with the standard treatment procedures required for addiction treatment.
We at Seasons Recovery Center believe that focusing on the root cause of addiction will result in a significant decrease in the chances of a relapse. The success of addiction treatment is only determined by how long a recovering addict stays away from drugs after drug rehabilitation. Seasons Recovery Center makes every effort to prevent a relapse through employing only tried-and-tested treatment methods coupled with self-enhancing counseling sessions conducted by experts in the field of addiction treatment. There is always hope for so long as one still breathes; let Seasons Recovery Center give your life a breath of fresh air. Contact us today for more information regarding our addiction treatment philosophy and the drug rehabilitation programs we offer.

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