I am not grateful for anything in my life. How can I change this?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 2, 2022

If you have searched this topic on Google and are reading this article, then apparently like most of us, you don’t find yourself grateful. Every now and then we hear about the importance of being grateful and how being grateful can lead to a happy and purposeful life. But practically, we are not, we spend most of our time complaining about what is not right and what we don’t have, then enjoying and being thankful for what we have.

So, why it is so difficult to stay in a conscious state of being grateful for each and everything that is going well in our lives? Why is it so tough to show public gratitude and to speak graciously of our blessings? We have spent some time considering this and here is what we discovered:

Firstly, we are so very busy in our day-to-day lives! We get up in the morning, go to the office, return back, and have food along with endless things. And, do it all again the next day and even our children do likewise. And while doing all these activities, we rarely take out time to say, “This day was a great day.” The thing is that we are not bad people, but we don’t take out time to be grateful people.

Secondly, we always find ourselves in a complaint fest, isn’t it? Everyone around us is some way or the other dissatisfied and unhappy with their lives. The problem is, that we do not end up with any resolution to fix the problems that we face. This makes us feel more upset, unproductive and ungrateful.

In the end, remember that not everything happens according to what we want. Sometimes, all we have to do is be happy with what we have and move forward in the best way possible. Moreover, being thankful or grateful for what we have can make our lives more positive and fulfilling. Definitely practising gratefulness is really an art and science and also a habit that we have to develop. In order to be grateful to anybody for the help and service they had given to us, we should have a real state of mindfulness and awareness. Many a time most of us lack this quality. The attitude of gratitude is really a wonderful thing that we should develop in life.

If you are unhappy or need someone by your side, go and hang out with your dear ones, they can make you feel better. And still, if you want to go for professional assistance, go for it- as it’s a great way to beat your unhappy thoughts. An eminent life-changing centre in Kerala -“Living in Wellbeing,” offers therapies, support, counselling and mind programming that can assist you in leading a happy and purposeful life.
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