How Crisis Helps Us in Our Future Growth

Dr. Purushothaman
June 3, 2018

A crisis situation usually leads to long standing dangerous and unstable problem which affects all of us either personally or in a group or in a society. Let us see the famous quote “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of crisis”. Yes, it is true, but there is some correction, it is not in the hell it is in the earth only. Those who have acted neutrally during the crisis will be neutral throughout their life. They are only working to keep themselves in the dark corners of this world. You need to just think that the crisis is not your private property instead it will come into everyone’s life from ‘BILGATES’ to a one year old boy who is struggling to see his mother.

We have got a thorough knowledge of our education in everything starting from ABC to  history and geography of the universe, but no one taught me about “how to manage my life” or “what to do if I have some problem”. Yes, everyone is going behind this useless education to save the universe or to correct it without knowing what is going on in their life. Leaders can flourish only in times of crisis. If a child thinks that “I cannot walk “ after his first slip what will happen to his life. That is why God denied to give rational thinking capacity to children.

He knows us better than us. We should learn “how to make success” before that we should experience “how to manage failures”. The key words here are experience and manage, both of these can be attained only through our life journey and no one can help you to attain this. You and you only can attain this.

Many years ago one man tried to climb a snowy mountain many times but he failed. One day there was an annual meeting in a club nearby his home and the club members called him as a chief guest. He heartily welcomed that invitation and attended the ceremony. But it was a trap he was purposefully called by the club members to insult him for his attempts to climb the mountain. And he was invited to the stage to give a speech about his “successful failures”. He took the mike with a gentle smile in his face and he started his speech by pointing to a picture of that snowy mountain, that hung on the opposite wall. He said that “Hey mountain you had attained your maximum heights, but I am still growing one day I will conquer you”. By saying this he went out with that same smile. After some time the same club arranged an honoring ceremony to honor him for conquering the same. Yes, it was the same mountain we call it with respect “THE MOUNT EVEREST”. Do you know who was that person who failed these many times? . You know him, you studied his name as many times as your teacher called your name. Yes, In my words the great man who once again proved there is a possibility in every impossible thing “Edmund Hillary”, the first man who climbed Mount Everest. He had gone through many crisis situations before getting his name in our books. But he had carried a positivity in all his failures and crisis. No one would blame him, if he had stopped his attempts after his first failure. But nobody would know him, if he did not attempt after his first failure.

This story not only teaches how to behave in a crisis situation. It is easy to burn out in a crisis, but more difficult is to regain your normal rhythm of life. During the crisis the person will undergo a sudden transformation which leads to a period of instability. There will be altered  equilibrium. You will feel  an open and uncertain future this will generate unusual tension and conflict. It is a state of abnormal normality to which we have to adapt and manage. They are inevitable in life. We usually do things by suffocating urgency of a problem. It brings about political affects of responsibility, solidarity and hospitality. 

Only one thing to remember during crisis is that we have both positivity and negativity inside, but what matter is that which part we will choose to act on. This will decide who we really are. Every life is an experiment. The more you will do it the better you will be.

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