How a Drug Rehab Center Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


A drug rehab center is a facility that focuses on helping drug addicts to stop abusing drugs so that they can avoid suffering the social, psychological, legal, physical and financial consequences of drug abuse. Drug rehabilitation refers to any type of psycho therapeutic and medical treatment for psychoactive substance dependency. If you are addicted to substances like alcohol, prescription medications, heroin and cocaine or any other drug, you should consider enrolling into a drug rehabilitation program.
How a Drug Rehab Center Addresses Psychological Dependency
Once you enroll into a rehabilitation program at a treatment center, you will learn new methods of relating with others and the environment so that you can be able to thrive in drug free surroundings. You will be encouraged to avoid associating with drug sellers, friends who still abuse drugs and activities that may make it hard for you to stop abusing drugs.
A drug addiction treatment center may offer a 12 step program designed to encourage you to shun habits related to drug addiction. Most rehabilitation programs emphasize the fact that you can only achieve permanent recovery from drug addiction gradually. The program will encourage you to try your best to give up abusing drugs even if you find it hard to stay sober. The emphasis of programs that rehabilitate drug addicts from legal drugs is helping them abstain from drugs completely instead of taking drugs in moderation.
Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Approaches Used at a Drug Rehab Center
Drug rehab programs are of various kinds including outpatient treatment, residential treatment, extended care centers, sober houses, local support groups, addiction counseling and orthomolecular medicine. Some rehab programs are age or gender specific. Effective drug addiction treatment programs focus on various needs of a drug addict instead of focusing on the problem of drug addiction only. Generally drug addiction treatment programs offer detoxification, behavioral therapy, relapse prevention and medication if applicable. After enrolling into a drug treatment center, you will be supported and motivated to ensure that you recover from drug addiction.
Behavioral therapy - This drug addiction treatment approach is designed to help you identify, refrain from and cope with any situation that exposes you to relapse. You will be empowered to recognize your problem and work with your therapist to overcome your problem. The therapist will analyze your behavior and then deliver a workable model for dealing with your addiction, community and family to help you recover.
Motivational interviewing - This drug addiction treatment approach is fashioned towards helping you enter treatment, transform your behavior and stick to therapeutic approaches. The therapists at a drug rehab center may use motivational incentives to reinforce your commitment to abstinence from the substances that you were abusing.
Cognitive therapy - This approach seeks to uncover the beliefs, fears and feelings you have that make you more vulnerable to abusing drugs. For example, you may think of yourself as a failure in society who needs to use drugs in order to cool down your mind and depressive state. Cognitive therapists will analyze your beliefs and fears clearly and demonstrate that they are not true. The therapist will then discuss your condition with you comprehensively and then give you homework assignments to help solidify the gains of therapy. By transforming your system of beliefs and strengthening your ability to make the right decisions to face any circumstances that may provoke a relapse, you will be on your way to full recovery.
Counseling - Counseling plays an important role in identifying behaviors and problems that trigger or promote drug addiction. A counselor at a drug rehab center will speak with you to help you learn how to resist temptations to abuse drugs. Rehabilitation counseling can be performed on a weekly, daily or drop in basis. Your friends or family members can also initiate it.
What You Can Expect After Enrolling at a Drug Rehab Center
After joining the community of a drug addiction treatment center, you can expect to be treated by compassionate therapists who believe that anyone can recover from drug abuse when provided with the right quality and level of substance abuse treatment and encouragement. With the support and guidance of the therapists at such a treatment center, you can learn how to put your grief, resentment, shame and fears aside and discover the hope that a sober lifestyle brings about. The professionals at a drug rehab center will provide you with individual care, support and attention.

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