Helping Your Family Deal With Your Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


If you check any of the various addiction forums, you will know people suffer from different types of addictions. A person can get addicted to anything such as cigarette, alcohol, drugs, even paint, glue or other things. Addiction means being hooked to something and having no control over your feelings towards that thing. Addiction is a serious disease that not only damages the person's physical and psychological being but it affects the entire family also and the social circle of the person. However, recovery from any type of addiction is not easy, as it requires balanced combination of medications, healthy lifestyle and the most important is the family support. If by misfortune, you are suffering from any kind of addiction, you need support of your family and loved ones. However, before anyone can help you, you have to help him or her to deal with your addiction. In addition, you can become part of any good addiction forum where you can meet people suffering from similar challenges.

Quitting or getting rid of addiction is not easy if you are thinking of doing it on your own. Addiction forums are one of the useful platforms where you can share your experiences and stories with other people interested in seeking help or giving help. You should talk to someone who you can trust. An understanding and supportive adult can be the best option.

There are a few tips that can help you recover from your addiction
• Talk to someone about your decision to recover from addiction

If you really want to recover from addiction, you need to talk to your friends. Your true friends would surely stand by you in any case. Of course, you must avoid the company of those fake friends with whom you used to hang out while taking drugs.
• Ask for help
You might be feeling weak to talk about your addiction in front of many people or you might want to talk only to someone who you trust completely. You can talk to the person in private and explain your feelings and situation. If help is being offered to you, do not shrug it off, as you need it desperately. If the person cares for you, he or she will surely do something for you. Many people become member of addiction forums online to discus addiction issues of their friends or loved ones to seek help for them.
• Spend time with your family
To recover from addiction, it is important that you do not stay lonely. Spend more time with your family and friends who can help you in a healthy way. Go to movies, enjoy picnics and spend more in recreation. It will not only help you stay away from addition but also helps create strong relationship with your family. Moreover, you can learn something creative by joining classes.

• Join addiction forums
To ease yourself from those clogged feeling that pushed you towards addiction, you can join addiction forum where many people chat about addiction issues. One such popular addiction forum is Addiction Tribe

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