Healthy Living Tips - 13

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2015

Watch your serving size. A serving of food is one cup, however some individuals habitually eat four cups and suppose that they're simply feeding one.
Avoid the super size bagels. Some have a calorie content of four hundred to five hundred calories per roll.

Read the Serving Size on the Nutrition Facts panel on most foodstuff.

Nuts ar healthy however high with calories. Use barmy as a garnish rather than a snack.

All energy bars and fruit smoothies don't seem to be low in calories. Begin to browse and compare serving sizes and calorie content.

Heat up a will of excellent soup. Or higher nonetheless, create your own soup and freeze serving sizes to own later.

Cereal, fruit, and nonfat milk make a decent meal anytime.

Try a green goods sandwich.

Precut fruit for a dish and add yoghurt.

Try a pair of weeks while not sweets. It's superb however your cravings vanish.
Healthy Living Tips

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