Have the determination to finally do it!

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

It's the time that we like to have a clean slate to start (or start over), but really, just how many times have you said that before? Did you say it last year, the year before, and the year before that? And each year you thought you were determined, right? Of course you were and you had great ideas for reaching your goals. Yet, here you are again in 2012 saying the exact same thing! What is going on with that?!

What if, going forward, you aren't determined but instead you have determination? I know, you're wondering "What's the difference?" Other words for determined are: resolute, gritty, and unwavering. I'm not sure about you, but all I feel when I read those words is "blah"! I don't feel very inspired. When setting goals and making plans, being inspired is an absolute! Now let's look at the word determination: it also means purpose. Another word for purpose is intention, which also means goal. Hmmm...now that feels way better!

What is the purpose that you want to accomplish this year? Is it really losing weight or is it looking great in your jeans? Is it really about exercise or is it about feeling great inside and out? Admit it, it isn't about losing the pounds or doing the exercise, it is about how you are going to FEEL once you do!

Does it make sense that by changing how you view something you can alter your interpretation? It's about looking at things differently so you see them the way you want them to be!

What if this year you said "My purpose (aka, intention/goal) for 2012 is to look great, feel great and love my reflection"? How do you think that would change your outlook? What if you set about reaching those goals with easy-to-accomplish inspired actions? Might your results at the end of this year be more favorable? Sure they will! Whoohoo! Let's do the happy dance!

In fact, let's just do the happy dance right now. Go ahead: get up and dance around! Envision exactly how fabulous you will look and feel. It all starts with the determination to achieve your goals this year so next year you aren't saying the same ol' thing.


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