Drug Addiction Is Nothing but Brain Disease

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Drug addiction is a complex kind of brain disease. Compulsive drug cravings at the time of extremely negative consequences lead to severe kind of addiction. People demand drugs at the most critical situations to get euphoric sensation to soothe their nerves. Extreme stress in the recent rat race makes human being completely depressed and this is the reason they always try to find out several ways out to get rid of too much stress. They need some kind of psychological support and that is all for which they fall under the grip of addiction. People become physically and psychologically dependent on such drugs.
Drug addiction is nothing more but when a person takes pills without any reason, when pills are taken without such medical demand. This becomes a kind of habit. Due to this habit people start to intake more and more drugs without having any such control over the quantity. It creates the complication physical tolerance. When a human body gets the same substance continuously the body becomes habituated and it demands more and more substances to get the same previous impact. The need of more and more drugs just to achieve the similar impact is the reason for becoming an addict.
Drug addiction can come in any form. That may be in legal or illegal. Even prescription medicines are also being abused in this recent era. It is true that the intensity of any addiction is completely dependent on the human feature of the addict along with the dose of the substance. Even sometimes, situations matter a lot to make a person addicted with some strong substance. It is really very difficult to say which drug affects most. Each and every drug has specific effects of specific individuals. Just because of this there is a variety of withdrawal symptoms and tolerance for each case from the other.
Drug addiction has affected the modern society very severely. Most of the addicts think that they can get rid of the disease of their own but it is not possible after a certain period of time. With a prolonged use of drugs it affects in the chemicals of brain causing several changes in the functioning. It results in adverse behavioral problem and other physical and psychological injuries also. Research has proved that a chronic addict can get rid of the addiction with proper medication and psychological treatment.
Drug addiction does not erase the chance of recovery. The best way is to get help from the professionals. First and foremost it is important to identify the reason of addiction then only it can uprooted completely. Spiritual counseling, psychological interactions with experts and several supplementary methods are necessary to get rid of such drugs. A wide range of addictive drugs are available in the market. Issues like age, culture, sexual orientation, gender, employment, physical and sexual abuse all matter a lot for addiction and in its recovery process. Mental disorder is a major reason for which a person can become addicted. All such factors should be taken into consideration while treating a patient.

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