Dealing With The Uncertainties of COVID-19

Dr. Purushothaman
June 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the Novel Corona Virus originated in late 2019 has really created colossal suffering, misery, morbidity and mortality. The death-roll is increasing day by day Right now, we know how the whole world is in. it is full of fear and uncertainty and most of us a stressed and we are overwhelmed by the thoughts of the future.

Such fears, stress, and uncertainties do have a good effect on our minds and most important of all, our lives.

  • Non-stop fear and stress and lead us to anxiety issues and this can affect our sleep as well as health. We might be moving towards depression.
  • When we fear too much we tend to make the wrong decisions.
  • Most of us are panic and do react most weirdly. It is all because of the fear and confusion that is spreading all around the world.
  • Such fears and uncertainties can tamper our relationship with others.
  • Productiveness can be affected. We become less focused on what we do as we are more focused on stressing out ourselves.
  • This will affect our happiness and also our positive mindset.

These are some of the factors that actually affect us when we are stressed and when we get overwhelmed. Dealing with stress and strain uncertainties is a great challenge that everybody is facing. There is no easy solution to this. First of all, we need to understand what the current situation is. We need to make our minds understand the depth of the situation. We should be more aware and alert about the present situation. Which is increasing day by day.

Normally we try to ignore our inner feelings. This, we do it unknowingly. When we do so, we are automatically making our emotions take the prime position without our full knowledge.

The next thing we need to do is to give some space to our fear and uncertainty. In short, we need to give our attention to it and make our mind more aware of the situation without any kind of panic. We have to give the problem a wider space. It is not necessary to change your feeling at all. All you need to do is to be aware of the situation and letting a lot of space around it and go in peace with the situation.

By doing so, we will be able to take care of the situation as well as yourself. You will feel that your inside has to be taken care of. But it is also very essential to take care of ourselves and our feelings to the core. Try to give it a lot of space and let your mind be aware of it and not worry too much about it.

Take this as a kind of chance to practice. You can help yourself to use this situation to face such a situation and become stronger in life, rather than fearing over a particular situation. Such experiences can be termed as the unseen teachers of our life.

Make it a point to open your feelings related to the situation with others facing the same. They might also be facing the same fear as you are. So sharing your feelings of fear and worries with others can lessen their worries about the situation, thus bringing more connectivity with others. The practice of discussing and sharing and gaining information about our problems and life is a great thing that will reduce our mental tension and worry. Practicing daily journaling, routine prayers, meditation, relaxation methods, communicating with others, storytelling social, networking, etc will help us a lot. Anyhow, we should try and practice all the available resources to manage the present crisis most effectively.


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