Dealing with Addiction in the Family

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Addiction can be defined as a family disease. It is a fact that the entire family suffers with the addict. This is the reason that professionals consider treatment of the family to be the part of the whole treatment of addiction. First, it is important to understand that the tendency to become addicted is genetically transmitted. This is proved by a research that has been undertaken to know the exact reason of raise in the cases of addiction.
When it comes to the family suffering, there are a number of ways a family suffers with the addict. According to a study, about one third of the families in the United States have at least one member in the family with a substance abuse problem. About one-fourth of this problem exists in nuclear family. In such families, there are more chances of divorce, domestic violence, anxiety, child abuse, depression and general medical problems.
When an addict & the whole family gets into the recovery mode, many effects of depression are supposes to go away in a couple of years. However, there needs to be an active participation from the addict, the family & the recovery professional.
It may be quite difficult to deal with addiction in the family as it´s hard to see a family member in trouble but one needs to be strong enough to cope up with such troubles. The most important thing to remember is that there are many important issues to explore as soon as someone in your family requires help. First, you need to make out whether you are contributing to the core problem or working towards eliminating it. Here are certain contributions you may be making to increase the problem:
a) Making yourself believe that you are responsible for the whole scenario rather than caring for yourself.
b) Getting judgmental towards the addicted person.
c) Concealing the addict´s behavior & covering up for them.
d) Doing certain things for the addict that they require to carry out all by themselves.
e) Accepting your lack of control & giving up after some trials.
f) Paying attention to your feelings & needs rather than taking care of the addict.
Here are certain important facts that you must know regarding how to deal with addiction:
1) The family must suggest some actions to the addict that are required to help him get out of the addiction.
2) Individual counseling also works really well with the addict. Here, a professional puts an effort to provide some cool tips to get out of the situation and fight addiction bravely.
3) People who are fighting against a drug or alcohol addiction, a variety of detox treatments are suggested and these treatments may be conducted in a hospital, specific clinic or even a treatment facility.
4) Certain types of addiction also require adept or special type of medication. For instance, a drug called nicorette helps a lot to those addicted to smoking.
5) One can also contact self recovery groups where special help is provided to addicts. Addicts are taught how to recover & maintain their self esteem here.
6) Different types of out-patient facilities are also available where the addict is provided adept treatment. He needs to visit where facilities regularly in order to meet their program expectations.
The task of helping an addict overcome his problem may be difficult but with hard work & determination, it is possible.

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