Daydream Your Way to Deep Relaxation: An Easy Way to Manage Stress

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


We are not always able to escape our environment when we feel stressed. For some, taking a simple walk to clear the head is something that must be put off. What we all can do, though, is take a few moments to sit in our chair and daydream to melt away our stress.
Obviously, not any sort of daydream will do. You have to daydream with a specific sort of imagery to relax.
Used with deep breathing, imagery can be a powerful anti-stress tool.

Daydreaming makes good use of our imagination. From the imagination we can draw on any number of experiences. We can recall a time and a place where we were at peace, where our surroundings were blissful and beautiful to the eye. We can recreate from memory to bring ourselves out of a stressful situation and into an intensely relaxing situation.
When you picture a pleasant and relaxing scene in your mind, this reduces stress. Your body quickly responds by relaxing. On the other hand, if you create an image in your mind of an unpleasant and stressful situation, your stress levels will quickly increase.
The following technique will teach you how to create the proper imagery for daydreaming for stress relief. Many people enjoy listening to a quiet CD of a favorite nature retreat or similar when doing this imagery
Begin by relaxing in a comfortable chair and deep breathing. Take deep, cleansing breaths and then release them slowly. Start by imagining a scene, place or event that you recall as being safe, peaceful, restful, beautiful and happy. Bring all your senses into this imagery with recalling sounds of cool, running water, the song of birds, the smell of fresh cut grass, the heat of the sun, etc. Imagine that you are at a place free from stress and pressure.
Concentrate on developing your five senses. Savor the pictures of serenity. Smell the freshness of nature. Feel the warmth and comfort of the sun and the air. Behold of the beauty of the animals, of nature. Each image will be different to each person. Really focus on what you can see, taste, touch, smell and feel.
Now imagine that all of your stress, all of your worries and all of your concerns are being zapped from your body. Feel each stress point release as if into thin air. As you feel the stress drain from your body return back to your picture of imagery. Relax there and deep breathe.

Imagery substitutes your actual experience with something much more ideal. It allows you a renewed sense of self-confidence to take on the stress of your life. During imagery, your body is relaxed and recharged. Your stress levels lessen and adrenaline disperses. It gives your mind and body a break over the stress having control and you have complete mastery over the mind and body for that time.
Daydreaming with positive imagery is a great life balancer!

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