Chiropractic Adjustment Might Help With Stress Management

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


Hi, I'm Mark Postles from Coast Chiropractic Kawana. Let's take a few minutes to look at this phenomenon that we're engulfed in called stress management in the Sunshine Coast.
You know people say that they're too stressed. Work is giving them stress, the kids are giving them stress, the world is giving them stress. You know, it's just like people are tearing their hair out (if they have any) with stress.
But is that really what it's about? Is it an outside in phenomenon or is it an inside out phenomenon?
Where does stress come from? Why do we need stress management?
It's interesting isn't it that we have so much going for us that we have so much available to us in the way of things that make our life more comfortable and yet life seems to be more stressed.
So, what is it that lets stress occur? Well, stress is a perception, isn't it?
It's like we see things happening and then we have a feeling about those things happening and we then feel bad. We feel stressed. We feel tired.
So, it comes down to the reception of stress and the perception of stress, which is in our body. If our body is in a stressed state itself, do you think that it can comprehend its environment easily or more difficulty?
Obviously, it's going to be more difficult, isn't it.
If were in a state of tension within the body then were going to have a struggle dealing with our environment, dealing with our friends at work, dealing with the news, dealing with people cutting us off or stopping at a red traffic lights and so on. So, the irritations of day to day life become far more difficult to deal with if we're stressed within.
Now, let's look at what it is that causes stress within.
We have discovered that, when the body is not integrated into itself, when the human body is not working freely and easily, then it doesn't comprehend, or can't comprehend,its environment and so stress is the result.
So, now let's look at stress within the body. Now we know that the brain, nervous system and the nerves control everything that happens within our experience of life. All of our cells, organs and tissues are dependent upon that nerve system for their function.
If there's an interference to that, if the brain can't comprehend what the body is doing or the body doesn't know what the brain wants, it develops a state of internal stress.
In a state of internal stress, a human being cannot be optimally functioning. A teacher can't do their job. A policeman can't do their job. A Mum can't do her job. A relationship won't work. That's the point where most people look into stress management in the Sunshine Coast.
What we're involved with in chiropractic is finding out where these interferences are, gently clearing them out, and allowing the body to start to comprehend itself once again.
So, then life now becomes play. Look at a baby or a newborn child, a toddler, all full of discovery. If they have irritation, they express it. They don't do stress. Unless there is interference in their nervous system.
So, as chiropractors, our way of dealing with stress is to look at the individual and to find any areas of interference and very gently clear them out, allow the body to rehabilitate to that, and watch as serenity starts to back into the body.
As full communication starts flowing from the brain to the tissues. In that state of being, human beings can then relate to their environment in an entirely different way.
So, if this makes sense to you if you're getting the idea that maybe chiropractic is talking a language that is something that you would like to do.

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