An Overview on the Basics of Addiction Recovery

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014

It can't be denied that many people in the US as well as in other countries around the world are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Most of these people started with a try, as influenced by some people around them. They eventually get used to the essence of the substance they are addicted for and no longer have the control over their cravings. As a result, these people tend to do violent things and other unacceptable acts. They are likely to end up doing whatever it takes just to find their way to the particular addictive alcoholic substance or drugs.

According to psychology experts on addiction, it is impossible for a person to achieve addiction recovery if he himself, in the first place, do not have the desire to do it. That is why people concerned for a drug or alcohol addict must find a way to encourage him to have a counseling session with a psychologist that specializes in addiction recovery. A person struggling on his addiction must undergo proper counseling session where he will be inspired to start a new lifestyle that the use of any alcoholic substance or drug is not applicable. It doesn't require him to completely change his way of living. Instead, his new lifestyle must be free from high-risk situations, relaxing, and not put any opportunity for him to tell lies.

It is very important to for a person under addiction recovery to avoid high-risk situations, which can make him feel hungry, angry, lonely, and tired (summarized in the acronym HALT). These feelings are among the most common triggers of his craving for the substances he is addicted with. Other than that, it is also best to keep him away from people, places, and things that can strongly affect his mood and will remind him that he is an addict. People concerned with that person may prefer to spend more quality time with him so that he won't be easily caught by his urges.

Doing bonding activities is indeed a good idea for helping a person achieve addiction recovery. It has been a proven fact that most alcohol and drug addicts opt for their object of addiction as a result of their desperate need to relieve tension. As much as possible, the person undergoing addiction recovery should always feel relaxed and stress-free in his daily activities. Also, if people around him make him feel loved, cared, and secured, there will be a good chance that he will be true on everything he says and will no longer need the help of alcohol and drugs.

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