Addictions Never End, But Can Be Overcome For Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Anyone who has ever tried to break a small habit can on a very basic level appreciate the seriousness of fighting addiction. For those within the throes of a serious addition, getting over the problem will be a lifelong pursuit. Whether it's caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, heroin or even gambling, addiction is a difficult battle to face.
Addictions come in two main types - physical and psychological. Some very serious addictions involve both components. Drug addictions, such as heroin or cocaine, tend to involve both. Getting over multiple form addictions is a battle that will never end for the addicted. In fact, the addict will remain addicted for life, even if he or she hasn't partaken in the drug for decades.
There are some basic facts an addict must face to start tackling an addition whether it's physical, psychological or both. They include:
* It's almost a cliche, but it's true. An addict must first face the problem and admit it's there or there's no chance for breaking the habit and beating the addiction.
* True desire to overcome the addiction. A person cannot kick an addiction because someone else wants him to. He must have his own deep-seeded motivations to ensure the inner strength necessary to battle addiction. Although steps can be made due to other motivations - family, friends, legal issues - the chances for successful long-term recovery are minimized greatly.
* Commitment to the goal. The reasons behind the addict's reasons for wanting to kick the habit must be strong enough to get her over the rough spots. The goal must be clear. It must be focused. It must be given as a constant personal reminder.
* Willingness to take it one day at a time. Getting over an addiction and making sure the commitment stays strong is a lifelong process. If an addict worries about not doing drugs or gambling next month, he may not make it through tomorrow. Take it a single day at a time. Remember sometimes relapses do occur, but that doesn't mean the road to recovery is forgotten and lost.
* Support. Tackling almost any addiction is easier when there's a strong support system in place. Whether this is friends or family willing to help out or professional help, there must be some sort of support in place. Even other recovering addicts willing to share their personal experiences can really make a difference and help the addict see there is life after gambling, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and so on.
Addiction, physical, psychological or both, is a serious issue. Getting over an addiction is a lifelong pursuit that will take dedication and determination. There will be good days and bad days. Oftentimes help is necessary to make sure the goal is reached. This is especially so in the case of addictions that take on both forms. Those who are addicted to such serious drugs as heroin and cocaine may in fact need medical help to overcome the initial stage of recovery. Since the addiction is physical, the withdrawal symptoms can be serious and even fatal. With willpower, proper help and even sheer grit, almost any addiction can be overcome.

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