Addiction: The Evil Stays Within

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


A number of people deal with different types of addictions now-a-days. Though the history of addiction is not new, but it has become more risky to live with addiction in these days. It is easy to get addicted, but difficult enough to leave that addiction. Now, the question is, what would you do if you truly want to get rid of it? Do the addiction recovery programs really work on the addicted people? Before we find an answer to that question, let us find out, why do we get addicted?
Addiction: a mental obsession-
Nobody gets addicted all of a sudden. Every person has some specific wants in their lives. We want to achieve a goal in one way or another. However, life is not a bed of roses and therefore, most of the times we find how difficult it is to achieve the goal. This is how we get frustrated with times and get addicted to something just to forget that hectic part of our lives.
The experts say that it is nothing but our minds which create such kinds of situations and we become obsessed with something that we believe, can relieve us from those troubled thoughts.
Some people smoke, some take drugs. At one point of time it becomes a part of us and we cannot live without it. That is how addiction grows. If you think properly, you would see that even after getting addicted to something, we cannot change the situation; but as the addiction grows, we keep doing the same again and again in order to get rid of it.
Addiction: A physical allergy -
As we mentioned in the early paragraph, it is easy to get addicted than to get rid of it. At one point of time when you want to get out of it, your health or mind may stand against you. At one point of time it may become the only way to keep you better. Your health may look sound from outside, though it would be damaged severely from within.
Addiction: A spiritual malady-
No matter whether we believe in the God or not, at one point of time, we blame the God. Not only that, people sometimes do a lot of wrong and mindless things out of elusive joy or pain. These things can be caused due to addiction. Sometimes addiction makes us forget our natural self or even our reasonability.
The doctors from South Florida are actively trying to find out permanent solutions for addicted people. Through their addiction recovery programs, the doctors have found that some people find themselves isolated from everyone and started to get addicted. The doctors have suggested medical and psychological counseling for those people so that they can get back to their lives again. Sometimes family members can help someone to deal with troubles. Doctors have taken that advantage to bring the patients back in normal lives.
The people who have faith in God, one can use that as a weapon against his or her addiction also, the doctors suggest. Moreover, the study by the eminent doctors from South Florida suggests that nutrition counseling, diet plans and medication along with group therapy can help to fight with the problem of addiction and get back to normal life once again.

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