Addiction: Several Significant Indicators

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


"Addiction" is a term that has had problems holding onto its actual meaning because it's been used too often. We might merely take pleasure in and seek out amusing movies or potato chips, but we frequently say we're "addicted" to them. It's one thing to exclaim we have a "jones" for something that we feel strongly attracted to, but a real addiction is different and can be adverse. But certain objects or substances that aren't typically harmful may actually be the objects of "addictions." Some individuals truly are "addicted" to things we may normally think are risk-free. How can you tell when you suffer from a actual addiction, not just a robust need? Read on to spot how to tell apart a authentic addiction.
Do you learn you want more of what you yearn for to make you sense the same? Possibly you used to enjoy just one espresso or latte to get you going in the morning. Nowadays, yet, it could take a lot more than that to help you feel evened out. This increase indicates that you simply might be addicted. We are losing control when it calls for more and more of a substance to generate the same effect in us. This is frequently one of the first and most recognizable signs of addiction.
Do you endeavor to keep those from finding your stockpile of hidden goodies? People addicted to alcohol or drugs generally indulge in this caching behavior. They desire to make access both concealed and quick, and they're fearful that other folks have started to notice, so they stash things in places that are hard to find but easy for them to get to. If you've started hiding things out of sight to avoid having individuals commenting on them, this is a warning sign. But be sure to realize that there's a distinction between hiding bags of candy all over the house and denying that you ever eat any compared to merely concealing one bag so your spouse doesn't eat it all.
Have you started lying about how often you use or partake in the thing you long for? It is not uncommon for alcoholics to meet up with other people for cocktails or beers only after having a few at home on their own. This allows them to drink as much as they desire without it looking like they are having a lot in public. Or they may just keep consuming alcohol after parting from their friends. This type of lying and hiding of your behavior is a symptom that you know what you are doing is wrong. Concentrate to that feeling.
The objects of addiction can be odd to the point that they may be difficult to recognize. We could become addicted to things like shopping, working out and eating just as effortlessly as we can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you have started to lie about your deeds, hide your behavior or if it uses a lot more of the certain thing or activity to help you feel happy, these are signs that you should start looking for help in getting better. We lose our way when we discover that something else is in control and we've lost all sense of balance to something that would possibly have been fine when indulged infrequently.
If you believe that you have grown to be addicted to a substance or activity, notify someone and try to get some help. There is no reason to let these things to hold control over your life.

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