5 Natural Ways To Remain Forever Young

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Look younger and feel younger with these quick, anti-ageing tips. They're easy to apply and will help you reverse the ageing process naturally and you'll feel healthier too!

Reduce exposure to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is full of harmful ultraviolet rays that will cause serious damage to your skin. Always wear a high factor sun-cream (15+) if you are going to be in direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Additionally, avoid prolonged periods of sunbed tanning as again, this will age your skin and wrinkly skin will put years on your appearance. Restrict sessions to no more than 20 minutes for tanning and don't do it every day of the week. And after tanning sessions, apply lots of moisturisers. A more serious issue with over-exposure is of course skin cancers, so be wise with your tanning sessions and take good care of your skin.

Break out of routines. When it comes to ageing, routine is a big, big sinner. Remaining in routines makes life dull and predictable and in not exposing yourself to new challenges, you will age prematurely. New experiences keep us fresh and vibrant as we're actively engaged in the process of enjoying life. Break out of dull routines and keep living life to the full by visiting somewhere you've never been before at least once a week. Here are some examples to stimulate your own ideas: A city, town or village, a museum, a theatre, a restaurant, a cafe, or bar, a park, a zoo, a wood or forest - can you think of some more? Visiting new places broadens your horizons and helps to keep life fresh and interesting and it helps to keep you young by breaking away from dull routines.

Keep your mind active by developing an appetite for learning. It's so easy to start a new course these days and there's hundreds to choose from: Computers, languages, design, crafts, art, astronomy, psychology, literature, technology I could be here all day with subjects! As well as courses in schools and colleges in your locale, you'll also find thousands of courses being run over the Internet. Whatever subject you're interested in, you will find a course for it online. However, if you can attend a course at a school or college, you'll get out of your home and you'll meet new people and enjoy new experiences. An extension of this is to start a new hobby: learn to play a musical instrument, stamp collecting, bird-watching, model railways, amateur dramatics, renovate a car or a house, you get the idea I'm sure!

An easy way to remain physically active is to take a couple of long walks two or three times a week. Inactivity really does age you quickly and walking is such an easy way to stay active. It can be as easy as taking a 15-minute walk to and from the shops or even just walking the dog for half an hour! Try to walk at a fairly brisk pace, just enough to raise your heartbeat a little. So easy to do but the benefits are huge.

Physical inactivity is a major factor in poor health. A sedentary lifestyle will age you rapidly. Resolve to make physical exercise a part of your lifestyle by working out at least 3 times a week. Best results will come from a combination of weight training to keep your muscles firm and supple, and cardio-vascular training to maintain a healthy heart, lungs and circulation. All it takes is 30 minutes of vigorous training 3 times a week to bring major benefits. Do consult your physician before you begin a new exercise routine.

A great idea is to keep applying these anti ageing strategies every day. The more you use them, the more they'll help you reverse the ageing process and the younger and healthier you'll look and feel.

Look younger and feel younger with these quick, anti ageing tips. They're easy to apply and will help you reverse the ageing process naturally and you'll feel healthier too!

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