11 Interesting Habits of Happy People

Dr. Purushothaman
April 17, 2019

Happiness, for many, is an emotion that is attached to several triggers. You may notice happy people: the kind that just seems to be in a state of smiles, come rain or shine. They always radiate calm and soothing vibes and have a lightness that is the envy of most people weighed down by life and situations. One may be forced to ponder about how the latter keeps their spirits uplifted even through the roughest of adversities. Today we are sharing with you 11 habits of happy people that you can learn from.

  • Happiness is a State of Mind
  • Imagine that you have Rs. 65,715 with yourself and a person robs you of Rs. 15. Do you chase the Rs. 15 or be glad that you have Rs. 65,700 to protect? Don’t let a bad moment worth 15 minutes ruin your entire day when you have 23 hours and 45 minutes left.

  • Practice Gratitude
  • Be grateful for the little blessings in your life and watch abundance grace your life. By being thankful for what you have, you set into motion a chain that motivates you to do and be better which gives you more positivity.

  • Family Time

    People who make time for their family and close friends daily are happy because they are surrounded by people who want only the best for them. Have a routine where you unplug from technology and talk to your loved ones every day.

  • Practice Detachment

    People attach their state of happiness to a destination or outcome, which leaves them empty once it has been attained. Detachment doesn’t mean you stop feeling, which is impossible. It is a reminder of how people treat you is merely a reflection of their inner feelings. People in pain will lash out and hurt you. Not everything will work out at all times. Try not to take everything personally.

  • You are not Unhappy, Unhappiness is in You

    Let unhappiness visit you, teach you, but never let it overstay its welcome. Allow negative emotions to pass by simply acknowledging their presence rather than personifying them. Learn to let go of feelings that harm your peace of mind and happiness.

  • Live in The Present

    Thinking excessively about the future gives you anxiety and obsessing over the past gives you depression. Remember that nothing lasts forever; breathe through the pain and bask in happiness as long as they last.

  • Practice Introspection

    Adults are a result of their childhood experiences, positive and negative. Reflecting and healing your inner child is one of the many journeys you have to go through in order to understand yourself better. Looking inwards isn’t always a pretty sight, but it is necessary to develop healthy coping habits like unconditional acceptance and behavior correction.

  • Follow Your Gut and Heart

    Your gut instinct and your heart will never lead you astray. Learn to trust them and listen to your inner voice when it speaks with conviction. If something feels wrong, don’t do it. Don’t be afraid to say no or cut out toxic influences from your life. You don’t owe an explanation as long as you are true to yourself.

  • Forgive Yourself Often

    We are our harshest judges and criticize our every failure. Be gentle with your hearts and kind enough to forgive yourself for the times that you think failed yourself; you are simply human and making mistakes is how you learn.

  • Self-love and Affirmations

    Self-love, unlike narcissism, starts with little things like appreciating the little imperfections you possess; they make you unique. Encourage yourself to grow, take time off when overwhelmed, draw healthy boundaries and stay humble. Practice positive affirmations before you sleep and after waking up. Be your own cheerleader.

  • Not Everything Deserves a Reaction

    Learning the art of silence is the best tool you can possess. It saves you the misery of confrontations, gossip and negative situations. Reminding yourself that reacting to such things is a choice and not encouraging the toxic loop cuts off or contains the magnitude of such experiences similar to carbon dioxide cutting out the flames.
    By integrating these values into your lives, you slowly will see how you transform into a person who looks at the upside of everything. Living In Wellbeing aims to provide people with top counseling facilities to deal with their negative experiences in constructive ways so that they come out stronger and happier than ever before.

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