You Can Be Happy Right Now

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Happiness like success is very often misunderstood and too many people think that happiness is a function of how much money you have. Most people wrongly believe that if you make enough money, you can buy happiness. I have had the experience of pursuing money at the expense of everything else in my life and woke up one day with a very empty life and no one to share my life with me.
Money will bring temporary relief and instant gratification, but I can guarantee very little real happiness. I have since expanded my definition of success and what is required to be truly happy, to include far more than merely a measure of how much money I could accrue or things I could own. For me success is about discovering the things around you that bring fulfillment and meaning into your experience and then inviting that fulfillment and meaning into your life by taking inspired action every day. Life truly is a journey of creation, growth and becoming.
Happiness is a personal choice and not the product of anything outside of you.
Material things can never have the power to make you happy in the long term. Real meaningful and sustainable happiness is a function of the level of internal satisfaction you have. The path needed to uncover this satisfaction, is paved with discovery, growth and consistent creation. Stop looking for happiness in trinkets and external factors, which as you know, bring comfort and enjoyment only in the moment, accept that they can never bring any lasting happiness into your experience. Happiness is a choice, how happy you are is a direct result of the amount of joy you allow yourself to experience. Happiness comes from within and as such you have complete control over how happy you are or even if you feel any happiness at all. The more meaning, fulfillment and contentment you bring into your life, as you align yourself with your purpose and you stop focusing on yourself, the more happy you will feel.
There may be certain circumstances in your life right now, which seem difficult or challenging. The secret to not to allow these circumstances to overwhelm you and to steal your happiness and is best achieve, when you have a crystal clear picture or vision of exactly what you want in your future. This allows you to focus on all the possibility and potential, which is available to you and to choose happiness. The external factors can only rob you of your joy and happiness, if you lose focus and you allow yourself to lose faith in your ability to deliver the future you have envisioned. Believe in yourself and your potential, take inspired action daily, choose to be happy and your life will unfold in a bubble of joy. Your happiness is very specific to you and as such never allow your happiness to depend on what someone else thinks you should be or have. Your happiness must come from within and be fueled by your purposeful actions and the deep rooted meaning you have in your life.
Action Idea: Gaze into your future and get a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to enjoy in your future. Turn this into a written down vision, written in the present tense. It must be filled with vivid pictures of what you will see, experience, where you will be, who will be around you. Try to involve all your senses when building the picture or vision you want to live. Feel the joy, happiness, sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment today.
Wake up every day and before you even start your day focus on the feelings that your vision invites into your experience. Repeat this a few times during day, feel the glow of the success and fulfillment you will enjoy as many times as possible throughout the day. Go to bed and as you start to dose off at night, focus on this beautiful picture. This will allow you to percolate in your dream world for the next 6 - 8 hours focusing on the positive experience you have visualized in your magnificent future.
When creating your dream lives focus on happiness and fulfillment as key factors, rather than material or external empty gratification. Creating the life of your dreams does not have to be trying, exhausting or draining. When you are living on purpose and you have a clear picture of where you want to get to and a clearly defined plan that will get you there, things will unfold and develop. When you truly believe in your success and happiness, everything will effortlessly unfold and deliver your bliss.

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