Why Sex is Important in Our Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 19, 2018

Intimacy is a basic human need and sex is a physical and also emotional way to connect with one’s partner. It plays a very important role in strengthening the bonds of a relationship. Sexual wellbeing helps in keeping a relationship vibrant and full of love. The importance of sex in an individual’s life is immense. It is not just vital for the basic need of procreation but is also important for many other reasons.

Even though sex and sexuality is a topic that is not openly discussed in society, it plays a significant role in everyone’s life. The hush-hush around the issue makes it all the more difficult to combat problems surrounding it. Nonetheless, sex is something that is necessary and is equally beneficial for both men and women.

Keeps You Connected

Sex is a beautiful, intimate and most meaningful connection you can share with your partner. It brings you closer not just physically, but also emotionally. A relationship where there is no sexual wellbeing can feel empty and eventually become very strained. The emotional appeal of sex keeps married life, romantic and passionate. It helps you to love and trust your partner all the more.

Keeps You Healthy

 During sexual activity, the body releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone. This hormone creates a feeling of euphoria and metabolic and immune booster. A healthy sex life plays a very important role in married life. In case you and your partner have any issues on the topic and are unsure of what to do, then make use online marriage counseling in India.

Keeps The Hormones Balanced

Not only is sexual activity good for your physical health, it is also a great way to calm stress. Having sex helps your body to maintain hormonal balance. A healthy and mutually satisfying sexual relationship and activity will definitely increase our hormonal levels and enhances our immunity power and prevents from a majority of lifestyle diseases. One thing is very evident that a healthy sex life enhances our wellbeing and longevity in a big way. It helps in slowing down the aging process and is a great way to combat all mental worries and tensions. This is why sexual well being is such an important matter in every relationship.

Keeps The Body, Disease Proof

During sex, the body produces a certain hormone which is called DHEA which soars the level of bloodstream to five times its normal amount. Not only is this hormone anti-aging, but it also makes the body way more competent to fight off all infections and stay fit.

Keeps You Looking Good

The hormonal production at time of love making and sexual enjoyment boosts the male and female hormones (Testestrone and Estrogen) stimulates all our systems and also got great impact on the functioning of all our cells including the neurons and finally a relaxing and smoothening effect is experienced. The oxygen saturation of our blood is also increased and there will be elimination of free radicals from our body, enabling positive health and wellbeing in all aspects.

Keeps Insomnia At Bay

The oxytocin released during sex has another benefit; it helps in getting a good sleep. This hormone is a fee good hormone which promotes relaxation and sleepiness.

Apart from all these benefits, sex plays a very important role in our life as it helps in establishing a certain level of intimacy and love in a relationship. Living in wellbeing helps you understand the core factors of sexual wellbeing and how it deserves to be addressed. Taking help of portals of free online sexual counseling in India or even counseling for sexual disorders should be done to curb all sex-related problems and enjoy a healthy life.

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