Why do People Feel Nervous?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 1, 2020

Nervousness is a normal thing which can affect all of us. It happens when the body fells that something is going to happen. It is a normal reaction to a threat. When it mounts it will become anxiety. In my view nervousness is a good thing which will foster your energy level. It is like a flame on the stove, it will always aid in cooking, but if the flame is high what will happens?. Those that are cooked will become smoked. In the same way nervousness is good in some ways, but when it mounts above the normal level it will do harm. It will prompt you to use a powerless language. We should try to be courageous and don’t try to act confident at particular moments. If you are trying to overcome this nervousness, please try to acknowledge yourself about your strength. Always try to believe that you are the right person for the task. You should always try to develop yourself. Always try to be proactive. You should feel that I am going in a better way.

In day to day life nervousness and associated symptoms create alarming situations which really creates a lot of problems in personal, professional, work and the workplace and also in social life. We all know that when we are nervous we are unable to express our full potential and our creativity comes down. We feel lethargic, lazy and sometimes we may become introvert. We should also find out any medical problems behind the nervousness, example Hyperthyroidism and other metabolic disorders. A detailed medical checkup is also needed in managing nervousness.

When we feel nervous we should think that we are trying to go to an upper position this change is all what is feeling through nervousness. You are pushing your carrier forward. There is a saying that “Don’t let the fear of what would happen make nothing happens”. It is all about nervousness. If you are nervous about something and you are fearing to do it, just try to do that otherwise it will make you feel bad about yourself or it will degrade you. If you are nervous you no need to worry, it is not that much shameful. It just means that you are caring more about your perfectionism.
Article Source https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-feel-nervous/answer/Dr-Purushothaman-Kollam-2

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