Why do I never feel passionate about anything?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 26, 2021

Passion is a very strong emotion of affinity and attachment to something. These things or these people are very close to his heart and hold a very special in their lives. He finds solace, calm and peace of mind, excitement, enthusiasm and fascination in these all at the same time. Finding a career or an activity that one is passionate about is nothing less of a blessing.

But today, people have lost their passion. They have lost the thing that once used to give them joy and relief. And in all this, the sad thing is that this happens so unintentionally and unnoticeable, that one never realizes when their passion slipped out of their lives. As this passion fades away, a strange kind of unhappiness and glum kick in. It is like losing one reason to be happy.

The century we are living in is a very competitive one. One has to struggle and shed blood and sweat to become successful and settled. Everyone is engaged in a race, and everyone wants to be on top. All kinds of efforts and tasks are undertaken and completed to achieve the desired aim. In this constant and blind race for settlement and success, one never realizes when he lost the thing that made him so happy.

This has become kind of a boundation today. The thing one feels passionate about might not be a very good career opportunity at the moment. But everyone has responsibilities and obligations, which cannot be avoided. And hence, a person’s passion has to be sacrificed at the cost of his security.

In this world full of hustle and hurry, everyone needs an outlet, something that can relieve him from all the worries of his personal and professional lives. In the absence of such an outlet, one feels dissatisfied with his life, even though he might have just everything. Therefore, rediscovering your lost passion is very crucial for your mental wellbeing.

People stuck in situations like these can have a hard time being happy in their regular lives. If you ever need any help, or simply need to talk your heart out, we are right here for you. Contact Living in Wellbeing. We are just a call away.

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