Why do I feel unhappy and tense all the time?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2020

People who are unable to relax and release inner tension tend to slip towards a dangerous level of physical and psychological tension. People who are unable to let go often end up being stressed about the events of the past. If a person is tense, he probably engages in a lifestyle or behavioral style that are not suitable for stress management. If one can take out more time to relax, the negative effects of stress will be counteracted. Learning how to relax your body and emotions by focusing on peaceful thoughts is really helpful in the management of stress.

People who take time out to release their psychological tension have a far better peace of mind than those who don’t. People who learn to master their stress have a higher quality of life than those who are unable to do so. Constantly feeling tensed and the incapability take time to relax is a major indicator of stress. It is very important for the person to give time and space to himself.

Tense or stressed people often experience tremendous levels of guilt about being easy on themselves and having a positively casual approach to life. Prolonged tension can lead to muscle pains, fatigue, back ache, head ache etc. These can be listed out as the most common symptoms of too much stress.

The value given by an individual to himself determines the level up to which a person is relaxed in a tense world. This is a sign indicating that the person is able to manage his worries and tensions efficiently. If a person feels guilty about doing something enjoyable for himself, it is probably because he is living his life through other people’s standards. Taking control of the guilt creating thoughts, and focusing on the benefits of being relaxed and de-stressed are vital ways which can help a person to come out of stress.

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