Why can't some people relax?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 2, 2020

You may come across several crises and catastrophic events that keep happening in the world at all times. Even on a personal level, there are ample of plausible reasons why you are unable to relax in spite of having the chance. What is wrong here? Why can’t we just lay back and relax?

Common reasons why we are not relaxing

  • Stress:

There are plenty of stressful things happening in our lives all the time. If you are not relaxed mentally and physically, it means that you have gotten exposed to all the perils of stress.

  • Weight fluctuations

Emotional eating is common and a big sign to tell you that you are not relaxed. It will dramatically change your appetite and the constant weight fluctuations will eventually lead to more anxiety and despair.

  • Lack of sleep

If you are spending the whole night tossing and turning, it means you are subjected to insomnia. It has become a common disorder today. It creates a vicious cycle for you to become irritated and more stressed due to a lack of sleep.

  • Anxiety

This causes Racing thoughts, heart palpitations and the ever-growing feeling of doom. Anxiety takes stress further in overdrive and leaves you restless.

  • Depression

Depression is deceptively subtle. You may not realize that you are going through depression, but if you feel upset too often, disappointed or simply annoyed with almost everything that happens, you are probably way too depressed. It will never let you breathe a sigh of relief and relax.

What can you do to relax?

Relaxing will help you refresh and become more equipped to deal with everyday challenges as it comes. Take some time to scrutinize your thoughts and behaviors. You can either do so by talking to a friend, journaling or seeing a counselor or therapist. It is sometimes difficult to look inward and understand what makes you feel the way you do. That is where professional help can come in and guide you through it.

At Living in Wellbeing, you are guided through sessions of deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and other proven methods to ease your stress and anxiety. The reprogramming sessions are kept absolutely private and confidential and you will understand the true meaning of unwinding and how to make relaxation, harmony and happiness your priority.

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