Why can’t I find inner peace?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 19, 2020

How can one find ultimate peace is a question that does not always get a satisfying answer? In such a life where we are clambering out of one catastrophe and jumping into another, peace becomes a rarity. The issues at work, weather changes and rising costs of living can be a lot to be stressed by that disrupts peace.

What are the causes of not attaining peace in life?

Depression, anxiety and addiction can place you in a dark hole. It pulls you so deep into it that you feel you will never see the light of day. Stresses and worries are constant. However, it needs to be a small part of our life and not define it completely. Some people also face illness and disorders that destruct mental peace. Some of the symptoms of mental health challenges may not immediately seem obvious and you must have an eye out for it.

How is a peaceful mind a healthy mind?

Calmness helps you cope with some of the most common mental health issues of the modern age. A peaceful mind and relaxed body keep anxiety, stress, insomnia and other disorders at bay. A state of inner peace furthermore eliminates the agitations of the mind, negative thoughts, lack of satisfaction and unhappiness.

How can you be peaceful?

  • Be Grateful

Find something to be grateful for each day. Preserve that positive part of your life and have gratitude for it.

  • Find your own practice of mental and physical health

Find clarity in your thoughts. Exercise and laugh to release pent up tension. Reason everything and leave no place for anxiety to seep in.
Validate yourself: That lovely sense of peace cannot be felt if you do not acknowledge it.

  • Seek outside support whenever necessary

Decluttering and finding calm and stillness in life is of paramount importance. With professional help, this can be easily achieved.

At Living in Wellbeing, the mentors and motivators help you feel at peace with yourself. There is no weakness in asking for help and this platform also provides online sessions if you are far away or time bound. Our customized professional resources will be there for an everlasting, peaceful, happy & harmonious life in the days to come.

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