What Is Stress Management at Work?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Anything and everything with which we exert a pressure on ourselves can be termed as stress. Basically, this pressure could be a mental tension or physical worry which comes out of us in various other sub forms. We do require a limited stress which motivates us to react to intense situations. This is called positive stress and anything which is under limits, is good for health. Maintaining a balance in every walk of our life and using our common sense could relieve stress to a lot of extent. Example: For a cup of coffee, one spoon of sugar is good for health, 3 spoons of sugar are heavy & anything above that could be dangerous. An organized life style with realistic time frames and metrics could easily overcome unwanted stress at work.
What is Stress Management?
Until & unless we can analyze ourselves and stay under calm (especially while dealing with stressful situations), chances are high that our stress gets multiplied. Surprising factor here is we will not be in a situation to measure or monitor the stress levels which will get multiply unless we are prepared to nullify. So, stress management constitutes the list of actions and the level of determination we impose ourselves for a safer and healthier life.
What is Stress Management @ WORK?
Stress can be anywhere and it's obvious that stress could be more at work place. On an average, we spend around one third of our time at work in a day. So, the more relaxed and calm we are the better our stress management and a safer health.
Steps to identify and control Stress
FIRST STEP - Once we identify the negative aspects of stress, it is our responsibility to make determination that we will be overcoming stress for a healthy life
SECOND STEP - There will be lot of changes in terms of body language, chemical reactions within the body etc between a person who is calm and a person who is undergoing stress. The difference increases based on the degree of stress that particular person is facing at that time. Our wisdom lies in identifying whether we are NORMAL or STRESSED. The moment we identify that we are under stress, we have to make every attempt first to control our stress and nothing else, no matter what in front of us
THIRD STEP - Analyze the situations which are causing stress. Identify the motivation or goal behind the stress
FOURTH STEP - Judge whether the motivation or goal is genuine and if genuine and then find out the alternates of achieving the same
FIFTH STEP - By this step, no matter how stressful the situation was, 90% of the stress will be automatically controlled. So, the situation can be tackled easily
How Stress Management can improve Productivity at work?
If we continue working with stress, unknowingly our focus will be deviated from actual work and hence the unnecessary issues crop up. This is simply a waste of time which has to be controlled
A person under (limited) stress can handle more works than a person under more stress. This factor also helps in effective utilization of time, which invariably increased productivity at work
A person under stress is bound to make more mistakes compared to a person who is calm and relaxed. So, effective work results with less stressed personnel which increased productivity
A person with less stress has certainly a proper mindset which influences his or her relationship with co-workers. This helps in building an ambient work atmosphere. Basically, deviations and unnecessary actions will be nullified
Result of effective Stress Management
A relaxed, safe, and productive work environment results with effective stress management techniques. It's top management's responsibility to make every attempt to create a stress-free atmosphere

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