What are Some Lesser Known Causes of Social Anxiety?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 29, 2019

Social anxiety is usually experienced when someone feels uncomfortable in social settings. Such settings make the person nervous rendering him inactive for conversations and interactions. The presence of people causes nausea, rapid heart rate and difficulty in speaking.

While medical science claims that social anxiety is a product of genetic and environmental factors, there might be a few causes that have gone unnoticed. Many people believe that some traumatic or uncomfortable social situation instills a sense of fear and uneasiness in the person causing acute social anxiety. However, this is not the sole reason. Many individuals start experiencing social anxiety if anyone in their family models anxious behavior. In such cases, children tend to pick up the behavioral patterns of their parents or elderly, not realizing that they are falling prey to social anxiety. Apart from this, people might also feel the symptoms if their parents are overprotective or extremely controlling in nature.

Many people are not aware that social anxiety is also dependent on the brain structure. A structure in the brain called amygdala is responsible for regulating and controlling the fear response in the body. Thus, if a person experiences an overactive amygdala, they might witness the drastic fear response or feelings of discomfort and paranoia which can lead to social anxiety.

Even though we know a lot of known causes for the development of social anxiety, social withdrawal and associated signs and symptoms, we can find a lot of poorly noticed and unknown causes for social anxiety. We think that the causes are situations which we can understand by our conscious mind. But the fact and truth is otherwise. The majority of the situations which produce social anxiety and the like problems are due to some of the emotions, fear, phobia and the like mental state which were registered in our subconscious mind unknowingly at some point of time. This is a major understanding for getting freedom from these unconscious registrations in our mind and brain. A good news is that if we really want, we can change any habit at any time very easily.

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